Drive for lunch

Duke and I had a six hour round trip drive in order to get lunch on this fine Sunday.  We took 3 head of bucks to Fletcher, OK.  Why Fletcher?  Because the most influential man in the livestock industry has a drop off point there…at his wife’s house.  Who?  What?

Yes, we met up with Bob May. Yes, that Bob May.  I first met him in a parking lot at OYE in like 2006.  Vince McGolden had hooked us up with him.  Now, nobody can sell stock unless it times with Bob’s travels from northern California to the Midwest and back.  This is the most connected dude in the industry.  And he is a real person that thinks like a real person…even though he is from California.  I don’t see Bob very often.  We text on occasion.  But I am always in a good mood around him.  I couldn’t make connections with him on Friday evening, so I told him.  I will get these bucks to you at Fletcher.  He replied, “Good, we’ll go eat Mexican.”  And that we did.  It was very good food in Elgin.  Of course, we had to enter the restaurant from the alley.  The Bob door as he put it.  This was a nice establishment that actually has a storefront and front door.  We just didn’t use that part.

On Saturday night, I told Duke that I was going to drop bucks off with Bob on Sunday.  “Do you want to go?” His reply, “I think that I want to go.”  Now, he is glad that he went.  Why?  At one point, Duke wiped tears from his eyes.  The rest of the time, he was laughing.

We discussed electronic logging devices, Toy Story, the goat industry, insurance, hauling white buffaloes, showing stock, cops, bucket lists (yaks), etc, etc, etc.  Doe goats with knitted ear muffs.  I saw pictures.

Noah came up in the discussion.  What?  Yes, Noah.  I asked him about a deal several years ago.  Bob’s pickup had broke down and he

So couldn’t get to a pickup destination until the Monday after.  I had a doe goat, another doe was there for him, 2 sheep and a Berk gilt.  He asked if I could get that stock near I35.  I said that I could but there wasn’t any dividers in the box.   He said not to worry about it.  Actually, he said, ” Listen up you mouthy little bastard, I do this for a living.  Trust me.  I’m right.”  I did as told, and you know what, sheep, goats and pigs can all live in harmony together.  Maybe us humans need to take note.

Now back to the bible according to Bob and the question of mixing species.  This obviously wasn’t the first time somebody had asked this question.  In Bob’s words (minus one or twelve F bombs)  “Do you think that when it was raining for 40 days and 40 nights that Noah and his sons built individual pens inside the ark?  Hell no!  They herded that stock onto the ark 2 by 2 in a hurry. I mean they were pushing that stock to get their asses onto that boat.  Maybe even 3 by 3 for all we know.  There are probably species missing that we don’t even know about that got on that ark but didn’t come off of it because some lions got hungry while on that big boat.”  Duke was in tears at this point.  I will never be able to hear rain without thinking about lions on the ark.  It’s so simple but classic.

I have more stories from today but they pale in comparison.  There are very few people that can say that they were the founding father of an industry.  Bob May is THE founding father of hauling stock.  He is a livestock person and therefore knows how to feed, water and doctor the stock as need be.  We left on the note that “Duke needs to go on a trip with me from Indy to California.  Of course, he will probably end up shell shocked.”  I replied, “No, that kid grew up around Poe, Milligan, Schoovy, BK and myself.  I’m real sure that he won’t be shell-shocked.”  I’m also real sure that Duke would hit the road right now.  And in conclusion, I’m telling you that we had a wicked fun lunch on this fine Sunday.

So here’s to a happy today and a better tomorrow.


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