Draft Picks

I’m no athletic genius but this nfl draft seems fairly easy to me.  If your team earned the first pick overall, why don’t they trade it for numerous lower picks and then draft a pile of big uglies–offensive & defensive lineman and maybe a tight end.  My reasoning–if they draft that elite QB and they don’t have a line, then that high priced new QB is going to get pummeled until they get him a line.  Just look at the list of winning QBs in the past several years–not very many #1 draft picks winning big games.  But lots of lower drafted QBs that are getting to play behind good lines that are winning games.

According to several different websites, the next year’s worth of show goat sales is now upon us.  Sale season is a lot athletic drafts.  There will be some sleepers that emerge.  Some high $ picks will not turn out while still other high $ picks will make a splash.

I’ve been on all sides of this deal–found sleepers, had high picks that hit, had high picks that didn’t, found most success in the upper middle rounds and had a whole pile that turned out just like they should have.

In 2005, Kela & I were at an OYMGA sale in Tecumseh, OK.  There was a white-eared wether that she & I deemed to be the best.  I told her that we would bid to $500.  I quit at $625 but she got the white-eared wether that became “Monkey”.  He won a bunch of jackpots and she sold him in the premium sale at Enid District.

In 2006, I bought the high seller in Pfeiffer’s first ever sale.  The crowd thought that I had lost my mind spending $1,400.  He was shown 4 times–grand 3 times including Enid District and won div. 3 at OYE.

Now, I’ve had a couple of top picks that cost WAY MORE $ that didn’t have that success.

In retrospect, I probably do better drafting like the Patriots.  Stay away from the high $s, take a gamble here and there and stick to what I know best.  I do miss traveling, sorting and buying lots of wether goats.  However, I do not miss dealing with all of those goats.  No matter where they are drafted, that beast is only as good as the work that goes into it.  Even then, they don’t all turn out.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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