Down & Back

Yes, I went on my quick adventure.  Yes, I did it in one day.  No, I didn’t do it alone.

I loaded up and headed south.  Swung by Mutual, OK and picked up Brandon THE Bruce.  He likes to travel and he needed some stuff picked up that wasn’t far from my destination (within 150 miles…close?  sure).  We pulled into Jacksboro, TX about 11:20 am.  We were going to hit the Dairyland before lunch run.  But, but, nobody was there.  They are closed on mondays AND Tuesdays.  Well crap!  So we went back up the road to Hurd’s (Herd’s) burgers.  Unique stop.  Very good, quick, no hassle burgers.  I sat there for a few minutes admiring the no frills, no overhead operation.  And the amount of business and then the quality of burgers.  Good stop.  Then, we headed south some more.

I like good stock.  I’m not racist.  I don’t care what color or species.  I cannot lie.  So, I had to see these Kelly Hair Sheep in real life.  Did I need to buy one?  Yes.  Kind of.  I have a student that likes showing them and has $500 to spend on one.  I told Tammy that I was probably going to have to throw some money in to help out.  I know, I know.  Those of you that saw that sale are now laughing.  And rightfully so.  But, you are also wondering “Were they worth what they brought?”  Yes.  Wicked good set of livestock.  Not good for hairs, not good for sheep–just good livestock.  Sound structured, good lines, plenty of muscle but still have that look like they will get better with feed, maturity and that their best days are still ahead of them.  The bottom end would be in the top end of a class of any major show.  The top end–pick a major and go win it.  Good stock.  I enjoyed looking at this set of animals.

After that, Brandon and I headed down the road and picked up his farming crap.  We made it back to Elk City, stopped and pulled up the sale.  WOW!  Dang!  I’m still in the market for a good hair sheep.  But, it was worth the trip.  One–I love looking at good stock.  Two–I like talking to good stock people.  Three–of course, I like to hit a good eating joint.  Four–I enjoyed seeing somebody, somewhere putting up some wheat hay.  Cuz that ain’t happening in our part of the world.  Five–I like countdowns and top ten lists.  Six–Me and the Bruce travel well together.  I know that he is going to ask questions and he is going to talk about stuff and just keep it real.  He knows that  we are going to find a good eating joint, try to see some good critters and that I can be an A-hole.  It works.  Seven–It was windy headed south and west but we got good mileage coming back north.  Ocho–I’m ready to go fishing.

All–in–all a very good adventure.  Now, I need to find time to stay home and get some doe kids ready to sell.  Why?  Because I LOVE selling doe kids.  Jeeminy, I’ve got too many of these things.  I bet that it will take me a week or three to get geared up.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  I did and I will.  You should do the same.  Cheers!




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