Doo Whop

I haven’t been able to find my way to the keyboard for several days.  It has been a sunrise to past sunset kind of week.  Good, yes.  But, nonetheless, it has been hectic.

I did have a birthday during all of this activity.  Thanks to all that texted, facebooked or whatever else.  I apologize if I didn’t respond as my phone has not been able to keep up.  Thank you.

I loved the birthday card that had the Dragon Lady, Kela and Duke on the front.  Sure, it had a comment about my salt and peppa colored hair.  True.  But, I did belly laugh at the pic on the inside.  I laughed especially hard at the thought of some OLDer than me dude, at a keyboard, cutting and pasting my face on to Manilla Gorilla’s face shot with the Doo Whop hairdo.  Awesome!  And as good as the card is, well, it ain’t as smooth as the rest of the package.  Well done, my friend!

I have been awestruck with the traffic that has found their way to Fargo, Ok to look at these bucks.  I have no problem discussing these critters on the phone, but it is always good when people can get their hands on them and see how they stack up to their pictures.  Thank you to all that have called or traveled to see these dudes.

Since OYE got done, James Sweet and I have been talking about clipping and photoing yearling does for an online sale.  We have both been hooked up and it hasn’t happened.  Till now.  Luckily, Robbie Sanders and his boys were available to come west and clip.  Money well spent.  Those guys do good work.  Duke kept the camera clicking, Tyler and Coleman got em washed, blowed and clipped.  And the old man kept those clippers running from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Sixteen head later, we had them done.  Some might say that I spent more than I should have…NOPE!  I don’t care what industry you are in.   Pay to get good help.  We got great help.  Give us a day or two and the photos will be up on  And, there is a Sweet doe kid that Sweet is bringing to the Banners and Backdrops sale.  I guess if I was to describe her, I would say that she is Sweet.

There is a really good set of yearling doe kids that will be offered in the next week or so.  And, we photoed some broke2show wethers.  Way good set of goats that need to continue their show career.  We have offered a few the past couple of years.  One was grand at Ft. Smith in ’15 and another was 5th overall at the South Dakota State Fair in ’16.  Not exactly leftover crap.  This set is better.  If you are needing a damn good wether for a May to October show, these are wicked good.

Doo Whop!  RUSM!?  Way good.  Have a good one.


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