Don’t TEXT for more pics!!!!

I am not the only breeder that feels this way.  Read the write ups on these online sales.  “There are NO more pictures, no videos, this is it.”

My favorite is Stork’s.     “P.S. – I do not have any more pictures or references nor do I know his current weight, hobbies or other interests.”

Maycon and any other breeder is right to do this.  My experience is that the one’s texting for more pictures and videos NEVER bid.   Even if you send them the desired pics or video.  It isn’t that they don’t buy, they don’t even bid.  These fools aren’t even tire kickers.  They don’t even come to the car lot to kick the tires.

Time Wasters–ain’t nothing worse than somebody that wastes others time.

If you are actually a serious buyer, ask specific questions and then TALK to the breeders.


A couple of weeks ago, I get an anonymous text–“Do you guys have any does available?”

That’s it.  No name.  No specifics about what they want or need.  So, I reply, “Mature Does?  Yearling Does?  Doe Kids?”

They reply–“Yearling and mature.  Could u send me pictures?”

Damn!  They went straight to the picture question.  With a quick phone # search it becomes apparent that the texter lives within 2 hours of me.  Not a long distance to come look at stock.  So I reply  “I do have some of each.  No, I’m not taking pics of them.”

Immediate reply.  “OK!  Then we’re not interested.”


As a breeder, as a stockman, as a salesman and as a decent human being, I am now PISSED!   I don’t know what they are looking for–certain genetics, cheap does, the ONE doe, what the eff?  I am not going to go take a picture of every dang doe that I would sell.  Heck, for the right price, I would sell any single thing on the place.  But, I don’t know who it is, what they want, what price range they need to be in, nothing!


So….I replied–

“This was an anonymous text sent to me inquiring about does.  There was no discussion about genetics, productivity or price.  Just straight to the picture question.  Therefore, I would not have a clue which does would interest you or any other un-named random texter.  Going forward, I would recommend including a name in a text when you send these requests to other breeders; therefore, they can properly help you.  Thanks, Chris Kelln.”


I don’t care if it sounds rude or condescending.  It isn’t as rude as the random, anonymous text asking for pics.  It isn’t like I lost a customer.

Numerous breeders are posting the “no more pics comment”.   Milligan had a Facebook rant about an old chevy avalanche that he had for sale.  Jared Schneberger called to vent about a pic/video TEXT request and the reply that he got.  “Hey Kelln, I got a topic for that stupid blog that I read.”  I agreed with him.  This is a valid topic.  Then, I pulled up Stork’s sale and read that comment.  Classic!  A young breeder that is at the top of the game, has no known enemies, a clean reputation and even he is sick of this crap.

If you call me, or any other reputable breeder, they will gladly talk to you about their stock.  I will tell you any positive or negative about any animal that I own.  Most breeders will do the same.

I recently had a good visit with one of the true stockmen in the livestock industry–Mike Harbour.  We were discussing the livestock industry in general.  Harbour made the comment, “The new customer base wants the livestock industry to be like Amazon.  Give me a couple of pics, a brief write up and deliver the animal to my front door.  That’s what they want.”  You know what?  He ain’t wrong.

However, the serious buyer may text, but they have their name and what they want.  And then actual conversations happen.  There may even be more pics and video.  There may be a 3rd party come take a look at the stock and report back to the buyer.  Lots of things happen when it becomes a legit conversation.

I’ve had a heckuva good week so far.  Thursday is tomorrow and I get staples out of my belly button, new glasses and my hip lasered.  It is hell getting old.  It is also expensive.  At least I won’t be wasting anybody’s time.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.



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