Doing Too Much

     Sometimes, a person can do too much.  Take kidney stones for example.  I watch some people that check their feed, use additives to prevent stones, add stuff to their water to dissolve stones, change water daily and they drench their wethers to prevent stones.  They get to take goats to OSU Vet Med. 

     Then, I see others that have algae growing in their water, never think about preventing stones, wouldn’t know until it was too late if they had stones and they never have any problems. 

      Sometimes, you can try to hard and you just have to let an animal be an animal.  I am guilty of doing too much with our show animals.  I want everything right.  And we will have some bad luck every now and then.  I have caused problems by trying to prevent problems.  I will see a problem with something and then a knee jerk reaction later and I have a goat spending a week at OSU.  ( Some of you will remember Kela’s last wether named “Orange Power”.  I drenched him with apple cider vinegar and aspirated him with it.  It burnt his lungs, but he lived and was res. div.4 at 2009 OYE, 3 weeks after getting out of the hospital.)

     Basically, a person needs to pay attention.  Take care of the basics and not try to over do things.  However, I am sure that I will screw one up again. 

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