Does–the necessary evil

     One of the interesting things about my little breeding operation is the decision of what gets bred to what.  Joe Dirt, Rumour Has It or Rainman–does it matter?  All are way good.  I’ve got 40 breeding age does standing here at the Kelln Kompound south of Fargo.  22 are already bred to Rumour.  10 are synced for Rainman.  That only leaves 8 for the best proven wether sire in OK?   Don’t feel sorry for Dirt just yet.  I might only have 40 here, but between Tyke’s modest herd and my other little deals here & there, Dirt has been getting down and dirty on a regular basis and has seen way more action than Tyke or myself.  

     I looked at the message board tonight and saw the slick shear does post.  Beings how I almost always have an opinion on most topics–here you go.

How will slick shearing does change the OK goat industry?

1–It will improve the structure and true muscle shape in goats.  Why?  Because those counterfeit rips that didn’t have enough true muscle shape and/or structure problems will get sifted because they aren’t hiding behind hair, fat, good clip jobs, etc., which won’t make them near as enticing to “put back into the herd”.  

Look at the Texas slick shear cattle industry.  Reds, yellows and smoke became popular.  Why?  Color didn’t matter anymore and you better have a killer hip, deep twist and good rear wheels.  As a result, the Shorthorn and Hereford champions have also drastically improved.  If there isn’t a curtain to hide behind, then you make things better.  

2–Purebreds will still be competitive in a doe show.  Especially the ones that are truly good–have structure, balance and shape.  Anytime a purebred breeder (regardless of species) breeds for quality and NOT for the papers, they can make good animals.  This will enhance that aspect.  It might also eventually make purebred wethers decent.  

3–It will NOT change the winners.  Winners win, complainers whine, and the rest either quit or half ass it.  

4–Do I care if they slick shear does or not?  Not really.  I’m not a doe shower but I have raised and/or showed more div. champs at OYE, Tulsa, etc. than most true doe showers combined.  (Not to be arrogant, but I might add CONSISTENTLY to that).  I’m like Quigley from “Quigley Down Under”.  He preferred to use a rifle.  Didn’t mean that he couldn’t use a pistol.  He just had a preference.  Just because I don’t like to show does, doesn’t mean that I can’t do it.  I’ve got a bunch of doe showing experts in my county/district; but somehow, I don’t recall ever getting beat by them.  I’ve got a buddy east of me that sashayed into the doe show one year and beat everybody’s ass. Good ones always get it done, no matter what. 

5–Will it make the good wether feeders show does?   It will NOT entice the wether showers to go show does.  Why?  The top end wether feeders are in it for the hunt, not the win.  They want to find the best one(s) that they can gather.  They want to flip rocks and find one that somebody else left behind.  They want to find the best one, then buy it.  Period.  And they DAMN sure don’t want to BORROW it.(Because they can’t).  I’m just speaking for Oklahoma, but the TRUE wether dudes in OK, want to find him, raise him and/or buy him, put him in a helluva good home and win with him then take a banner picture, feed him, maybe cry with your kid, then put him on the trailer to OSU. Then go do it again.  All while knowing that we probably aren’t going to make money on the deal.  

6–Should the does look like wethers?  NO!!  They should be judged as females.  Correct structure, balance, eye appeal and “true”muscle shape need to be taken into consideration.  A buck can always add the muscle mass and heaviness of structure.  A good judge will know the differene.  However, finding a good judge seems to be like finding a cheap, GOOD wether;  increasingly hard to find.  

     On that note:  I personally don’t think the grand doe at the Lone Star Elite would have been in the top 3 of a market class.  But she dang sure rightfully earned a banner in the doe class.  But, there were doe kids that placed in the top 2 or 3 of the market class.  Explain?  Well, there is a difference.   Same judge, different purposes of the animal, therefore, different placings.  Your mind has to be right.  

7–Am I against showing does?  On the contrary.  YES, I am all for showing does!! Hell YES!!  I am all for any project that a kid can learn from and develop a social network as a result of their involvement with that project.  Rabbits, chickens, pigs, horses, cattle, even a dang sheep, I’m a fan if a kid wants to do it.   But, if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it right.

Thought for the day on this subject.  And this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this reply.

Kelln–“Hey, Kelli.  So now that you have shown a slick sheared goat and braced it and won a title, are you ready to show wethers?”  

Kelli Sweet-after winning the Lone Star Elite Doe Show– emphatically, “NO!”  


Kelli Sweet–“It’s harder.”  

My point exactly.  

       I’m fine if the doe showers all want to hide behind the hair, rhymes with hair, fat, feed additives, etc.   It doesn’t make a rat’s donkey to me if you show does with hair or without.  My borrowed does come home and breed.  Our crew will show them however the rules see fit. And we’ll win some and get beat in some.  No matter what, we will have a good time, sleep well at night and a few won’t want to order strawberry crepes again from IHOP.  

I don’t care if you slick ’em or clip ’em, but like the Lone Star Elite–Test ’em.


Here’s to hoping that all of you have a good day and a better tomorrow.