Does and the word HATE

     I hate them.  I like dealing with baby goats, showing wethers and don’t mind dealing with bucks.  But does…I hate them.  Every time I think about selling out and walking away just happens to coincide with me having to deal with does.  I guess my best idea of raising goats would consist of somebody else having the does and I come get the babies when they are weaned. If I could figure out a way to raise goats without having the does, I would.  

     There is not a more destructive, wasteful, miserable animal on the face of the Earth than a doe goat.  Fences, panels, hot wire, etc.  If they can bang their heads on it, climb on it or rub on it, then a doe goat will tear it up.  They are the only animal that I know of that will crap and piss on their own hay and then act like they are starving because they don’t have anything to eat, even though there is several hundred pounds of top quality alfalfa that they pissed on.

     The only thing possibly worse than a doe goat is an EX show doe.  Welfare loving, communistic, won’t do anything for themselves, won’t herd with the rest of the mob, stand around and bawl because they heard a door open or saw you with a bucket even though they have feed and hay in front of them, get in the way PITAssses!!

     It is probably a good thing that there is not a sale barn near here this morning, otherwise I might be out of the doe business.

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