Doe sale

We are having an online doe sale next Monday. The photographer has been out of state, so we won’t be able to photo until Saturday morning. The pics/videos will be up by Sunday morning. Seelke’s, Poe, Nation, Pullan, Milligan and Kelln will be selling doe kids in this sale. They will be December and January born kids. They will be sired by Joe Dirt, Fade2Black, Rainman and others.

I am probably going to sell 6 in this sale. Maybe, just 5. There is a way cool solid white Joe Dirt x P8 kid. P8 is an old Powell/Holman doe that has raised several good ones for us including “Pocket”, which is the buck that Pat Lyons and Allen Miller bought last year. There is also a Joe Dirt x Harley red caped doe kid that is really good. Huge top, big bone with a cool front. There will also be a twin to the lot #2 wether. She won’t be very big framed, but she is super square in her hip and feet placement. Sequoyah bone with a big rib and cool front.

The one that I am waffling on is a Joe Dirt x K5. K5 is a BoDog x H15. K5 had a Tulsa premium sale wether and the middle division champion doe kid at Tulsa this past year in her first crop. K5’s twin also raised a Tulsa sale wether and H15 has raised numerous premium sale wethers and doe kids. This is a very good genetic line for us and I probably shouldn’t part with any of these genetics, but I kept too many doe kids this past year. I’ve got a day or two still to decide.

We’ve already had several lookers from numerous states. Call me to arrange viewing of the goats.

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