Doe kids

       During the end of April, May & June, it got to the point where I didn’t even want to see what the does dropped.  OH?! (sigh)  More doe kids.  It just became NOT fun.  Throw in the HIGH percentage of doe kids out of the herd purchased from Teddy Harrison and there was a pile of females.  And I’m not keeping but 1 or 2.  

      Now, we are in September and there are lots of doe kids still here.  We sold 5 online last night.  They weren’t high dollar, but they are getting a new home.  Yes!  I have already hauled the junkers to the sale barn.  These doe kids are well-bred, structurally sound and have had no TLC.  They will all get better at somebody elses home.  

     I know that I could feed, work hair and get some killer pics and try to maximize dollars out of these doe kids, but it is a mental deal.  I’m ready to empty pens, get my mind right and pray for wethers and bucks next kidding season.  

      The remaining doe kids will be sold–either privately or online.  If I take pics of them, they will be sold online.  If we don’t have to wash, clip or photo, I will be pretty cheap on price, unless it is one of the couple that I am keeping.  

     Here’s to being in a better mood.  

      Thanks to all of our outstanding help for the sale this past weekend.