So I made a new discovery on Monday. The guys at the parts counter were eating little oranges. I tried one and it was the best orange that I had ever eaten. They told me that they had bought them at wal-mart. On Tuesday, I needed razor blades which I go through a lot of since my hair is thick & coarse similar to a Berkshire hog. I see boxes of these little oranges called Cuties. So I buy a box to keep in my pickup and one to take home to show the Dragon Lady and Duke my new discovery.

Tammy allowed how she had already been buying them for Duke for several months. I looked in a basket in the kitchen and sure enough, there they were. I thought they were some kind of ornamental orange that would give off pleasant odors to mask the smells that come from having an 11 year old boy in the house. Plus they were in a basket with a gourd or two. My discovery wasn’t too new. I drink a Eskimo Joe’s glass of orange juice EVERY morning. So you could say that I like oranges. However, the box of cuties that I brought home is gone in only two evenings. Duke pounded those Cuties like they were a bag of Reese’s on Halloween night. They are easy to peel, tasty and healthy. If you like oranges then you better get some cuties. Now, if I can figure out how to get a goat to eat them. I wonder if that would pop a top on a wether.

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