We continue to have our own discovery channel around the Kelln Kompound.  I routinely discover things that prove that I am getting old.  Today’s was the e-mail offering an early ticket order for Motley Crue’s FINAL concert tour.  I used to go to a lot of concerts.  Not so much the past 20 years, other than the family hitting the TSO concerts.  Time to change that.  I can see me riding out my 80s & 90s either at Luckenbach, Gruene Hall or hitting a few arenas for some loud music.  Of course, I am sitting on standby waiting for the Guns N Roses reunion concert.  If that happens, I’m selling some goats in order to pay for tickets and I’ll be on my way.  If it’s too loud then you’re too old.  

      Our biggest discovery around here is that Duke is becoming a useful human being.  Work ethic has improved.  Attitude is better.  Doesn’t seem to mind helping others.  We worked a set of kids tonight then played like we were electricians and rebuilt several deals.  (yes, heat lamps.  I ordered a pile of extra parts to revive these dead soldiers)  He likes that kind of crap more than I do.  Of course, he’s 13.  I fully expect for things to go downhill again at some point.  Maybe not.  

     How about KD and the Thunder in last nights b-ball game?  That dude is on fire.  I don’t watch much basketball, but I keep up with OSU and the Thunder on a daily basis.  I’ve actually been to a Thunder game and it was real loud.  There was so much crap going on, I missed most of the actual game.  Back in the late 80s, I used to watch a LOT of girls basketball.  Arnett in particular.  One, they were real good.  Two, there was a future Dragon Lady on those teams.  One thing about it, she has held her age better than me.  I’ve had some comment that I married UP.  No arguments from me.  Nowadays, I have discovered that I would rather watch paint dry than to have to watch a basketball game.  

     I’ve discovered that work ethic is more valuable than knowledge.  I’ve got several sr. citizens that work for me.  They could, can & will retire.  I’ve already bought a year or two and I will try to buy more.  Let’s just say these dudes are taken care of.  However, I also have 6 others that are 22 or younger.  I want to keep those experienced (not old) guys around as long as I can.  That way, those young ones can discover what it’s like to have work ethic, take pride in your work and not be a whine bag lazy POS.  Knowledge will make you money, but work ethic builds families, churches, schools, businesses, nations, etc, etc, etc.  If you’ve got somebody that may or may not be able to run a computer, doesn’t mess with cell phones and likes to listen to AM radio but shows up to work early, takes short lunch breaks, doesn’t use all of their vacation days, RARELY calls in sick, stays late, doesn’t ask for more money, cleans up after theirself and I’ll show you somebody that gets a raise on a regular basis.  I’m lucky in regards that at this point in time, my people want to come to work.  Age discrimination–not with me.  Lazy bastards–go somewhere else.  

      It’s no different in the goat world.  Work at it.  Don’t try to buy it or politic your way.  Just work at it.  Others will take notice.  Then, at some point, you will discover that you have reached your goals.  And sometimes, you will discover that what you achieved weren’t your original goals–it was better.