Discount Dollar Days

The school year is at the end.  In fact, today was the last day of school.  The greenhouse still has plants.  The kids have told me that I am not allowed to take advantage of the early-order-discounts AND the volume order discounts.  DANG!  We had a lot of plants and we SOLD a lot of plants.  Our little greenhouse was packed.  Therefore, it has been discount dollar days for most of this week and especially the past two days.  Some stuff free, some stuff cheap and some stuff discounted.

And during this time, there have been several does kid around my place.  Twin doe kids seems to be the standard.  Which means in 8 weeks or so, there will be some discount dollar deal days on doe kids.  ”””””””” sorry for the string of apostrophes.  I noticed a spot of BBQ sauce on the key and tried to clean it.  Then decided to leave the result.

There are a lot of graduations going on this week.  I haven’t been to very many since Kela graduated–high school or college.  But one of the favorite nieces is graduating from Okie State with her BS degree.  She got accepted into Vet Med school after her 3rd year of under-grad and she has finished a year of Vet Med, so she gets her BS degree.  Dang Cool Deal.  Oh, and maybe some other people graduate from the great cow college in Stillwater, OK.  When I was at Kela’s OSU graduation, there was a damn cool bagpipe band that opened the ceremonies.  Here’s to me hoping!

I’m also hoping that this damn wind subsides and that it rains in the near future.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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