Dirty Rumour Online Sale

      Normally, I would say that a sale held on May 8 is a spring sale.  But our two days of spring are already over and we jumped right into the oven of summer.  100 degree days, 30-40 winds in the first week of May.  So, the Kelln’s & Seelkes are bringing you the Dirty Rumour summer sale.  Every kid in this sale is sired by either Joe Dirt or Rumour Has It.  There are 8 wethers and 8 doe kids.  All 8 wethers, when fed and shown properly will place at a major show like Tulsa or KSJLS or state fairs.  I would say that 5 of the wethers are premium sale quality and 3 of those are capable of doing some serious damage.  The 8 doe kids are impressive.  This is a very good set of doe kids that will be heard from in the show ring and will then further their careers in the breeding pen.  If you are interested in showing does, then you need to be studying this set of doe kids.  They are really, really good.    It is worth the drive to Cleo Springs to look at this set of females.  

      Feel free to call me (580-571-5029) and I will gladly give you my thoughts on both sets of goats and I how I think that they will feed. 

April showers bring….not this year.