Dirty Pool?

I watched until sometime into the 4th quarter.  At that point, my advancing age, the clock and no real desire to stay awake let me fall asleep on the couch.  I did not watch the ending of the football game.  I woke up before 4 am and miraculously, the game was airing on one of the many espn channels.  So, although I did not see it “live” , I have watched the game.  And here are my thoughts.

1—The minute Alabama was picked as the 4th team in the playoff, I should have been all in and bet on them.  No doubt that they would win.

2—I do not know one person that went to school at alabama.  I know and or have met Auburn grads, lots of Georgia grads, Tennesse, Arkansas, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Miss State, etc.  But in all of my travels, selling online, judging, going to Wal Marts and doing business in numerous quick stops across numerous states, I have yet to meet one actual student or graduate of the university of alabama.  Nobody.  But yet, they sell lots of merchandise.  Same phenomena as the large amounts of the u OF o stuff sold in Love’s, Atwoods and Wal MartS in the great state of Oklahoma.

3—Refs–dirty pool–no0000?!  RUSM?!  That doesn’t happen.

4—-I do think that Saban is an unreal (UNREAL–as in hard to believe it is all real) coach/ recruiter.  And if you don’t like alabama, well, they are still loaded–this year, next year and I could probably coach them to a CFP in two years as they have that much talent stock-piled.

5—All of these sports talk shows are now trying to decide if Nick Saban is the best college football coach ever.  I can answer that—NO.  I mean NO!!!!  Who is?  Bill Snyder of Kansas State.  He has won during two different stints at the worst football school of all time.  He has no big time recruits, but consistently wins, graduates players, sends players to the pros and…and….every other big time coach will agree with me.  Bill Snyder.

I respect what Nick Saban has done.  I was hoping that Georgia would win.  I don’t know if the refs were playing dirty pool.  But in the end….I really don’t care as the sun came up today, animals still needed tending, I had a job to do and it was just a game.  But, I do feel for those dawgs.  The future looks good for UGA.

Congrats to Allyn Goodson and her mom.  They took a red angus heifer to Denver and showed.  They had a reserve division in the junior and open show.  I know that they both hoped for a darker shade of purple banner but dang.  Gigi the red angus heifer has now been champion at WW district, res. champion at OYE, grand overall at the State Fair of Ok, throw in a banner at the jr. nationals and now a couple of res. divisions at the National Western.  People, that is consistency.  I bet that Allyn and Gigi are not done.

Duke and I spent time in the barn tonight discussing feed labels, protein, roughage, fiber and fat.  He may not beat your kid but he at least knows why we do what we do.  It is my experience that if a kid knows why he/she is feeding what they are told to feed, then those kids follow instructions better instead of just dumping some feed and calling it good.  Duke’s dad managed to stick him with a couple of common wethers.  And we have made the decision that they need to be fatter like what the cool kids are doing.  But, we are not used to feeding shine and dyne.  But we will figure it out, probably about April.  You would think that as fat as I have gotten in the past six months that I would know how to fatten a wether.  I do, but I don’t think that a lack of exercise, several cold beverages and a high carb diet is good for a show wether.

People, here’s what I know.  This won’t take long.

Play hard.  Work harder.  Love better.  Laugh always.  Respect whenever.  Try.  Try again.  Do it right.  Even if you have to do it again.  Take a moment and explain why it is what you are doing and why you are doing what it is.


Why not?!

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Here’s to nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks to all of you clowns that take the time to read this stuff.

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