Dirty Deeds

     He strikes again.  Who?  Well, quite possibly the best wether buck in Oklahoma.  No, I don’t have a picture of Joe Dirt wearing a Chive On t-shirt, but I do have pictures of more winners sired by the dirty dude himself.  Joe Dirt sired the reserve grand at Enid last week.  This week…the reserve grand wether at Woodward District.  Dirt’s deeds just keep stacking up. Now remember, he is owned and used by just a couple of low rent guys named Tyke and Kelln.  One of these days we are going to get serious about this deal.  Then look out.  What could Dirt do when actually used in a progressive breeding system that utilizes AI & flushes?

      Now, for those of you not familiar with OK shows, this was a ton son-of-a-female dog kind of show.  I mean it was STACKED!!!  Way tough, top 5 in a class stop a judge in his tracks kind of good.  This was the kind of deal that you would judge for free kind of fun.  About the judge, I have opinions.

      Woodward and Enid districts both try to get top notch judges for their shows.  Both shows hired the same dang texan to judge the goats.  I liked their choice as he has judged majors and will do more.  However, two weeks ago, he backed out of both shows.  Oh crap!!! Now what.  Well, neither show had much time to spare so they scrambled and both hit home runs.  Enid hired Phil Stacy.  Woodward hired Bryan Kennedy, who was already hired to judge the cattle show on Wednesday.  I mentioned last week that I thought Phil did a phenomenal job at Enid, even though I didn’t always agree with him.  You know what?  Same thing today.  Anytime, I get a chance to take animals and kids to show to Phil or Bryan…lets go.  I’m all in.  I don’t have to agree with a judge if I can follow them.  We’ll probably get beat, but we will know why and the judging will be consistent.  They are two different kind of guys, but I like them as judges and more importantly as people.  They both know goats.  Excuse me!!  They both know good livestock.  It isn’t every day that you get to upgrade a judge on such short notice, at two different shows.  If Texas is supposed to be where all of the good majors are, then you better be hiring either of these men to line your goats up.  How good were these judges?  My son didn’t win either show.  However….obviously, I think they can line up stock.  Phil will line them up and kind of aw shucks, just a poor boy doing his thing on his way into a good line up of animals and everybody will feel pretty good about it at the end.  Bryan, well, he probably moves quicker and with a very determined attitue of “this is what I see and how I am going to line them up” kind of way.  What does either guy like?  GOOD ONES!!  Phil, a little smoother made, complete, balanced animal with enough muscle.  Bryan, big rib, wide based, with enough smoothness and soundness to make the package. Enough of this judge talk crap. 

     Duke had two reserve divisions today.  Red Tuxedo, a Gallagher goat, was res. div. 3 behind Ally Riley with her Robert Ashley wether.  Duke and Brick, a Helms wether, was also res. div. 2 behind Bree Taylor with a Helms goat.  Darcy Peach was res. div. 1 with an online purchase from Roy Sanders.  She stood behind Kory Dietz with his KELLN bred Joe Dirt wether.  Bree was grand, followed by Kory.  Look at that list of names, great kids.  In the grand drive, Duke got lucky enough to have Lora Riley show one of his wethers for him.   It isn’t often that Lora isn’t in the grand drive herself, but she was only one place out.  Not to mention, she is fresh off a state basketball runner-up showing this past weekend.  If you can’t tell, I like watching good kids in action.  That is what this whole program is about.  Our tribe of toads had to hustle today as the classes broke where a pile of our goats were in the same classes. YES, I am sore.  Tomorrow will be worse.

     Now, for the Paul Harvey part of this story.  Poe Cat showed up at our piece of paradise west of Fairview last summer.  He looked through the babies and asked about a skinny, not-quite healthy little bastard of a wether that was a triplet.  I told him that it was a Dirt out of a Starbuck bottle baby that Thompson and I had gotten from Mike Kelly.  Poe Cat asked what I wanted for him.  I said, “Poe, you and I are the only two people that would look at that skinny goat and think that he has a chance.  Where’s he going?”  He said, “Dietz”.  I said, “What do you have in mind?”  He then said the magic words—-CASH!  Five benjamins.  Like, Milligan’s word-of-TOday, you have to get goats into the hands of good feeders and showmen. Sure, we could have kept him.  Glad we didn’t.  I will take a show ring beating at the hands of a kid like Kory Dietz every dang day of the week.  Why?  That is why we are all in this program.  To see good kids excel.   If that is not why you are raising show animals, get out and go find something else to screw up.  

      As smart as I supposedly am, lets do a quick recap of today’s show.  I sold the reserve grand for $500, Duke’s highest $ wether that we have on feed was 3rd in class behind one that I bought for Lexi Vanderwork for less $ and a Joe Dirt sired wether of our cousin Madison Tomlinson’s.  Rainman, Fade2Black and Joe Dirt along with a buck named 191 took up a HUGE percentage of the premium sale slots today.  Oh, yeah, I about forgot that Newt Sweet had the reserve grand overall doe with a doe kid that I bought from Helms but wasn’t smart enough to keep.  Maybe, we need to get this flush deal going.  I asked Rumour what he thought.  He says that he kind of likes that live breeding action.  Two at a time.   


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