Dihydrogen Monoxide

also known as H2O or water. We don’t have any right now. We are on rural water and occasionally have a problem here and there, but this week has not been fun. Monday morning, I did chores, filled buckets, etc. I came inside and Tammy was taking a shower. I got my glass of orange juice and headed to the computer. By the time I went to shave, no water. So I took a towel bath with bottled water. Not a good way to start the week. Especially, since I am a two shower a day kind of guy.

Tuesday night, no water. Went to the in-laws to bathe. Wednesday night–no water. Thursday morning–no water. So far, i’ve had tanks full when the water quits. But if they don’t get it going today. I’m going to have a water supply issue. If you haven’t noticed, it is a little bit warm outside. Water is an issue.

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