I routinely read the judge interviews in the Purple Circle magazine.  Do they divulge earth-shattering info as to how they will judge a given show–NO.  Are the articles worth reading–YES.  If you don’t already subscribe, you should.  I enjoy perusing these articles and I do think a reader can infer some (just a few) priorities—kids first, muscle first, etc.  Normally, if their article reads like crap, that given judge sounds like crap on the mic.  But that is for a different time and place.

I always use my good eye to read the part where it asks “How does the show ring compare to the “whatever” industry?  I love it when they say it doesn’t or in some spots it does mirror the industry.  Okay.  It’s even better when they are honest and give us a lesson about work ethic, people networking skills, animals as a teaching tool……  YES, and I agree.

Hogs–could NOT be farther from the actual industry than we currently are.  C–sections–common.  Small litters–can you say twins.  Cripples–absolutely.  Slow growers–get you some of that.  But the chance of making that ONE big boned, stout skulled, wide backed son-of-a-gun that kind of walks without being a cripple–priceless.  The hog industry is stuck in 1998.  McGwire and Sosa–we all want the next home run.

Sheep–RUSM?  Could we get them any wider based, huge boned, fatter and how much is shag worth in the real world?  NOTHING.  But it sells good in pictures online.   And vets get paid for C sections to deliver these big boned, wide skulled lambs.

Cattle–Marketing, marketing, marketing.  They’ve been at it the longest and they get it.  The show ring vs. the real world?  Okay, there are similarities, BUT, this is a somewhat goat based site so…..

Basically, I would rather talk the cattle side but I don’t have time for the cattle deal.  It has its moments and I have plenty of thoughts.

Goats– The wethers are too fat.  Period.  And as a result we cause more problems.  Kidney stones for one.  The does are fat so therefore, they become susceptible to toxemia.  No dang’d old range goat ever gets thiamine deficiency.  Too much emphasis is put on base width and mass (not true muscle).  Purebred goats are nothing but big bones, wide based bastards with a set of papers.  Therefore, they can’t help any part of the industry.  There is no real substance.  Hair, fat and bone.  In the real world, this doesn’t work.  That is why we have “wether” genetics and purebreds.  The purebreds should help the market industry.  The purebred goats do NOT.

The purebred side markets “wether genetics”.  The wether side secretly uses some purebred stuff hoping, praying that it saves them.

But NOOOO!  Nobody is paying attention to their history lessons.

My point—-the Angus cow is still a staple of the market cattle industry.  The Yorkshire sow still has a place in all things porcine.  The Dorper sheep is taking over the sheep industry because of reproductive ability.  And the outstanding purebred Boer goat–is waiting to be flushed (again) because she can’t raise one on her own.  There will be a Spanish recip waiting for her embryos.  And most breeders have a dairy cross doe on stand-by that will raise the babies.

My point….it is going to be awhile until the next great wether buck shows up.  Why?  Because we are at a genetic stand-still and the purebreds are not selecting for productivity.  So, both sides of the industry are standing around looking for the next great thing.

Somewhere, someplace there is a goat.  The right goat.  What’s he worth?  Where is he?  If you study history,  these deals run in cycles.  Hogs have a shorter cycle than the rest, but they still have the same issues.  For example,  Berks are popular, Herefords are making a charge and are there any good purebred Hampshires left?

I ain’t never been surfing but it looks/feels/sounds like the entire goat industry is waiting on that magical wave to ride.

Holy what the hell?  I sat down to write about differences between Duke’s uncles and I ended up here. Look—squirrell!  One phone call and I get off on a tangent.

If reading all of this crap makes you mad, well….go tear down a statue somewhere.  From a teacher perspective, I had a GREAT day.  I mean GREAT!!

“Black people that were never slaves are fighting white people that were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats, because Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore, and somehow it’s Trumps fault?”
Dr. Terry Rickard

I don’t know this dude, but obviously there are some differences out there.  Somehow, I feel that we were smarter before smart phones and Facebook, blogs and all of this other crap.

WTH is going on?

Get ready for the eclipse next week.


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