It may suprise most of you that I used to read classical literature.  I’m talking when I was in grade school, junior high and even in high school.  I read a lot.  I had read the all time great novel by Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities” before I had a drivers license, without an English lit teacher assigning it as homework.  (By the way, this paid off in later years, when I actually was in English lit. class).  

The goat side of times hasn’t been worth 2 squirts of owl shit in this part of the world, lately.  I don’t have the time nor the desire to write all of the bad crap that we have dealt with lately.  I would rather be stabbed in the eye with an icepick, then kicked in the nuts by somebody with a size 15 steel toed boot, then forced to eat a bell pepper covered in raw tomatoes as I would want to talk about goats on this fine evening.  This would be the (it could be worse) times.  

The family side of times has been the BEST!  My brothers and I rented a helluva house on Table Rock Lake this past week.  The 3 of us, along with our 3 MUCH BETTER halves and the resulting grandkids all stayed in this 6 bedroom, 3 bath HOUSE along with our parents.  This included the traveling daughter that recieves her mail in Los Angeles.  THE whole Fam Damily was present and accounted for!  Lots of time spent on the lake.  Lots of time spent in the pool.  Lots of time spent in the HOUSE!  TOGETHER!!!     It was a wicked way good time to be had by all.  This was one of those weeks that had people scared on Monday, but in the end, had everybody going, “Damn! That was a good deal.”  

I may get pissy with my dad, but that old fart did teach all 3 of us boys to “marry up”.  Not for money!  Just for smoking hot, great mommas!  All 3 of us paid attention to that lesson.  We all did WELL!!  REAL well!!!   Cheers, Dad!!  Watch the results of these grandkids for years to come.  Mom and Dad will be busy just keeping up with these kids. 

Kenneth Helms LOVES to remind me that I married WAY above my scale.  One–I agree.  Two–Thank You for noticing!  Three–I’m ready for a foot race!  I like my chances.

Tammy, Kela, Duke and I did the Taneycomo trout fishing experience.  Our schedule didn’t quite jive for the right time of day, but dang this was a fun experience.  All I really wanted was for the family to catch fish.  And personally, I wanted to catch a brown trout as I have not caught that species.  The family did fine.  I did not catch a brown, but Duke did.  I felt honored just to see a nice brown trout.  I lost the biggest fish, but also caught the biggest one, literally seconds before we were done.  The boat ride up the Taneycomo with the “smoke on the water” was worth the trip. The guide earned his paycheck.  

On paper, it was a really shitty week.  But in reality, it was a great week personally.  But, it could be worse.  So, that makes it better. With skid marks. Not quite a Dickens ending.  Of course, if you want the un-edited version of this post, ask me.