Dennis Leary

     Dennis Leary, the comedian and somewhat actor, had a song back in the early 90s titled, “I’m an a$$hole”.  I thought this song was funny.  I have been called this name before, and I won’t argue with anybody if they think that I am one.  But, its days like today that make me be one.

      Is is a known fact that I am opinionated.  And I can always back up my opinions.  Whether you think that I am right or wrong does not matter to me.  But I can back up my opinions.

     I had a phone call tonight that absolutely did NOT go well.  I was already dealing with a really crappy day.  Then I answered this phone call.  A breeder called and asked me about a given buck.  SInce, I used to own the buck, I told him how I thought he would breed.  Then he told me that he bought semen out of him.  Fine.  

     Then he told me that he bought semen out of another buck and that 5 out of the 40 wethers in the OYE premium sale were sired by said buck.  My reply, “I’m not calling anybody a liar, but I will tell you that there were NOT 40 wethers in the OYE premium sale last year.  And I will also gaurantee you that 5 wethers out of that buck were NOT in the OYE sale & probably not a one was out of him.”  Doe sale?  I don’t  know.  Don’t care.   Wether premium sale–NO!!  Look it up on the OYE website.  They only sold 31 wethers in 2013.  

     Then, this poor, unsuspecting caller told me that he had Joe Dirt semen.  Since I knew where all we sold Joe Dirt semen and this guy wasn’t one of them, I asked where he got it.  He told me.  At this point, the caller, whom I have never met, had decided that he wanted off of the phone. I am sure, that I sounded like an a-hole.  Fine.  

     The only mistake that I made is that I answered my phone.  I’m not the crook.  I’m not the liar.  It is unfortunate that this guy called me.  I can’t help it that he was lied to and misled by others.  

      Even though I am an a-hole, I help people.  I help showmen.  I help other breeders.  I help kids.  I help parents.  I don’t care if you like me.  I’m not in this goat game to make friends, even though the only reason that I mess with these beasts is because of the people that we deal with.  The people that deal with me will tell you that I can be an ass.  But our repeat customer business is extremely high.  Why?  Although I can be tough to take at times, I am fair, we do things right, we get results and we have a large time. 

     I will continue to help others.  I think it is a requirement that we do such.  But, I will try to be more selective in the future.  A person can screw me once, but they will NOT get me twice.  

     Here’s to tomorrow being better than today.