Deep Thoughts

I’m dealing with some issues.  I couldn’t remember a password the other day.  It turns out, I was making the same typo over and over.  I remembered right.  I just didn’t type it right.

Then, I tried to use my password to get into this dang deal, this KELLN website.  No typos!  Dudes, there are so many logins, passwords and key codes to remember, and some need 6 figures, some 8, some caps, some lower cases, some non-letters and well hell, you just start to lose track.  I remember when I had a login to internet and a login to limewire to download some cool tunes.  I guess that I had a PIN to an ATM card while I was in college, but I never had any money so I didn’t need to remember it as I wasn’t going to use it.

Part of me wants to live dangerously and have one password for all things.  I kind of want to see if anybody else on this planet can really think of the exact same, twisted, not right, seriously kind of password.  Why don’t I?  I think that they might be able to.

One of the funniest things that I saw today:  When you fart in a crowded room and say “Do I smell popcorn?” so everyone gets to smell it.

Hey, I could use that as a password—#YodAfarts1!$?      Hhmm?!  Now, that will work not, I think.

Yes, I just fired up my light saber.

QVC is a reality and has lasted for decades because when some people see something that strikes a nerve, they just have to buy it.  Online livestock auctions work the same way.  U see it and now have to have it.

I haven’t been on any online livestock auctions lately, but I have been struggling with a buy it kind of deal.  Actually several of them.  First off, the 23 episodes on 14 dvds of the legendary Hee Haw collection from TimeLife.  I have fought this urge for a while now.  But, like a ring from Mordor, it keeps trying to pull me back in.

Roy Clark recently passed.  That cat was wicked with any string instrument.  Even speed rockers were like “Dude, he plays fast.”  But, he also played good, or is it well?  How about that dude could play fast and damn good?  Yes, yes he did.  I like the fact that Duke knows about Hee Haw and Roy Clark.

And then, there are 22 dvds of Robin Williams.  It takes some serious deep thought and concentration to keep me from ordering a total of 45 dvds, that I would enjoy and love and would gladly share.  I would love them like heated leather seats in a High Country pickup on a cold morning.

These dvds  could be worth something.  And thank goodness, no matter the amount of money,  I am having trouble remembering my login and/or password and/or cvv code or all of the above.  I know that I am not the only one with these issues.

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