Deep Breath

Here we go.  Time to take a deep breath before the plunge.  It is the night before what most are calling the most important presidential election in the history of the United States of America.   I would imagine that there will be long lines at the polls tomorrow.

I just want to get my presidential voting record back to .500.  I was 0 for 2 during the ’92 & ’96 elections.  Then went 2 for 2 in ’00 & ’04.  Then 0 for 2 again in ’08 & ’12.  Then 1 for 1 in ’16.  That makes my record 3 wins & 4 losses.  Of course, I voted for the right candidate EVERY time.

We are just hoping that it ends quickly and fairly.  I doubt that any of us feel that there were will be positive feelings on Tuesday night.    I feel like this whole process will be as clean as an unqualified sheep judge lining up an Oklahoma goat show.  Either way, we will be done with the political ads for a bit.  Then, we can just listen to the BS media spew their directives about this, that or another.

One candidate is not very likable but he brings a list of positives to the table.  The other has ZERO redeeming qualifications that make him a viable choice.   He has been in office for 5 decades, has been a VP and has nothing to show for it other than a list of corruption.

Important question–How come the word “fiery” is spelled fiery?  Shouldn’t it be, “firey”?  (Damn spell check tried to correct it.)  Shine–shiny,  sun–sunny, fun–funny.  No matter, I just hope we don’t all end up in a fiery mess when this is all done.

Please say a prayer or three for all involved. (which includes all of US!)  And get off your asses and vote.  No excuses!

All together now, “Our FATHER,……….”  You know it, say it.  Peace be with you.

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