It doesn’t matter what species that you show, or if you are talking sports or any other competitive event, dedication to getting better is what makes a winner.

I’ve heard lots of different excuses over the years, but the ones that win don’t have an excuse as to why they didn’t do something, they have a reason as to why they are going to do it.

     Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I had plenty to do around the Kompound, but there were several that wanted to bring goats.  Dunkin’s brought wethers and does.  They stayed well after I was done so that Dalton could work on showmanship with Braden.  Powell’s brought wethers from Ringwood.  They even brought Frank, which meant he and Duke had to go study Dozer the Duroc for a while.  Madison brought her wethers.  These kids are consistently improving.  Their goats are on track and if we can just get a few deals to click between now and March, it might be fun.

     Schovanec’s brought wethers and does.  They had a reason to do it on a Sunday afternoon as they are leaving to head to Denver to show heifers.  Friesen’s brought does over to let Allysa work on showmanship with Braden.  They had just gotten home from showing heifers in Denver.  Throw in some basketball games, judging contests, cheerleading, etc, etc. and these families stay hooked.  Of course, they win a lot.  They are dedicated to winning.  And even though their schedules stay packed, they find time to get better.

     No excuses, just dedication to get better.  Like Larry the Cable Guy says, “Git ‘er done!”

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