Tuesday evening on the 16th day of February 2016.  

There are decisions to be made.  I want/need to head south.  

The weather may be too nice for this time of year.  

I need to decide what I can do and shouldn’t do.  

The Okie Coalition auction is taking place.  I have already donated.  My partners have donated.  Do I need to buy stuff?  Decisions to be made.  

I bought stuff.  I made others bring more and I wish that others would bid like me.  Personally, I would be money ahead to NOT donate, bid or buy on these deals.  If I just wrote Duke a check, he and I would both be money ahead.  I, as well as others, give back to the industry.  But, sometimes you just have to shake your head and walk away.  

Thank you to all that donated items, services, etc. to the Okie Coalition.  Thanks to Milligan Ventures for their donation of time, resources and efforts to gather the donations, handle the auction and collections.  

When it is time to buy your next goat projects, look to see which breeders donated, bid and/or bought at various fund raisers.  If your goal is to make a premium sale, look to see who is supporting those sales.  

If you haven’t done so yet, send a check.  $10, $20, whatever, it all adds up.  Support your industry.  

I wish this light saber actually cut stuff instead of just sounding JUST LIKE the movies. 

San Antonio kickoff is tomorrow.  SW District is tomorrow.  Get it!