Dec. 30

     I was late getting home from work. Year end in the equipment business is crazy.  Nonetheless, I got home did chores, checked stock and got things ready for tomorrow.  I skipped up the driveway and into the house, turned the tube on to see the football game.  I’m not a Texas Longhorns fan, (unless they are playing ou)  but I do respect the program and I think that Mack Brown is a class act.  The Alamo Bowl was close for awhile, but the ducks eventually took flight and left the longhorns behind.  I was hoping a helluva coach that brought class and honesty to an otherwise corrupt sport could go out with a win.  Not today.  

     You can’t argue with me about Mack Brown.  He was good.  I hope the Texas fans remember him well.  Their program was in the dumper when he showed up.  One national title (that game was fun to watch), one Heisman (should have been two), numerous bcs wins and losses and NO bad odors about the program while he was running it.  Good luck replacing him.  

      While watching the Alamo Bowl, I spent time surfing the web tonight.  It is scary how many breeders ( including myself) are bad at updating pics, etc.  Facebook is the place for immediate info.  I don’t like it, but I realize it.  Looks to me like a breeder needs to run a banner ad on for any sales, etc.  But you better be on facebook or have an immediate info gathering/dispensing site like this one in order to draw traffic.  

      On the goat side of things;  I wish somebody could explain how a doe (3 year old) can fit through an 8″ gap to get into the creep/heater area.  She’s done it two days in  a row.  Impressive, but it “upsets” me.