Dec. 1, 2000

Today was just another busy Saturday.  We started the day dealing with mini herf cows.  Pulling cidrs and giving shots.  Then we did the same to some of Duke’s big cows.  We have to adjust the chute in between each type of cow.  Although, there is a pair of these mini herf cows that ain’t so mini.  They will weigh 1100-1200#.  We headed to the feed store to fill creep feeders and feed bins.  Then we moved some cows and calves.  Then we hauled hay.  Then we AIed a heifer.  Then Duke worked wethers.

And now.  it is eighteen years since Dec. 1, 2000.  Which means that Tammy and I now have two adults for kids.  Yes, Duke is 18.  He is a registered voter and is old enough to join the military, buy lottery tickets and tobacco (He better not.)  Part of me feels like my job is done.  Well, maybe not quite done, yet.

He wants a steak for supper, so we are getting ready to head to Texas.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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