First and foremost, all of us should be sending prayers to those in south Texas.  Dang, dude, that is a pile of rain that Harvey is dumping down there and it looks like more is coming.  Yes, there is a lot of people that live along the gulf coast of Texas.  Millions!  But there is also a lot of cows down there.  Some of the biggest cow populated counties in Texas (which just so happens to be the biggest cow state in the business) are getting hammered with all of this rain.  Let’s hope and pray that the people and the livestock can make it throughout this ordeal.


While on the STD known as Facebook, I stopped to watch a video.  It was just a video clip that is probably the best scene from one of the best movies ever made.  I knew the words.  I also had it playing loud enough that Duke emerged from his room–or lair, to see what I was watching.

When it comes time to argue the best actors of all-time, the lists are short.  On one side are the funny men–Sandler, Ferrell, Farley, Belushi, Vince Vaughn, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray.  There are your pretty guys that deliver well written lines–Clooney, Pitt, Redford and Richard Gere.  Of course, there are action heroes–Arnold, Stallone, Bruce Willis.  Then there are the serious guys–Paul Newman,  Denzel, Morgan Freeman and Costner.  After that, the list gets real short of dudes that could bring the funny, the serious, the motivational and the action–Jack Nicholson, Harrison Ford,  Robin Williams and Tom Hanks.  I won’t argue if you say that Tom Hanks is at the top.  Forrest Gump may be the single best role of all-time.

But, much like my son, when I hear the voice of “The Duke” quoting lines from “Big Jake”, all things stop.  That scene where they are getting ready to hang the sheep herder–maybe, the best ever.  The best lines of the best movie ever–I like it.  John Wayne–action–yes.  Funny–I love Mclintock.  Serious–always, except when he needed to be funny.  Always the ladies man–all of his movies.  Action–Hell Fighters and Hatari.  Motivation–RUSM?  Green Berets.  Tie it all together–The Quiet Man.

If there was a marathon movie feature on the tube tonight of Big Jake, The Cowboys, Rio Bravo, Mclintock and the Quiet Man–that means that I wouldn’t sleep at all tonight and I would still be in a good mood all day tomorrow.  Wait?! We’ve got all of those on dvd.

Here’s hoping of nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks and whatever else will bring you south Texans luck as the flood waters hit.  GOD speed, good luck and may the force be with you as you all survive this ordeal.


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