Dang, Dang, Dang…..pick a better four letter word

We’ve raised one kid.  And, at times, I wonder if I/he/we will survive this next one.  He’s not a bad kid.  He’s a good kid that has his head buried in his ass.  It is so deep that he doesn’t know how to fix it.  I’m sick of paying deductibles, gas bills and stuff not getting done right.  And no, I have not used the word dang very much lately.

I have been reminded of a Jerry Clower story quite a bit lately.  Brief version–Jerry and his relatives were hunting raccoons.  One of them ended up climbing a tree to knock a coon out.  Except, it wasn’t a raccoon.  It was  bobcat.  The guy and the cat were fighting up in the tree.  He hollered down, “Shoot it!”   His kin yelled back, “But we might hit you instead of the cat!”  He yelled back, “Just shoot up in here amongst us.  You will surely hit one or the other.  One of us has got to have some relief.”  I’m to that point.

But dang it.  I ended this evening watching a re-run concert (NO politics) of a tribute to Johnny Cash.  They ended it with The Highwaymen, or what’s left of them, playing “the highwaymen”.  What could be cooler than being on stage, playing with Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson.  Well, being Shooter Jennings and playing your dad’s part.  What could be cooler than cool?  Jamey Johnson playing on a stage with Willie, Kris, Waylon’s son and getting to play Johnny Cash’ part at the tribute to Johnny Cash.

Sometimes, a good song with a bit of chill on the rocks can help the dang go away.  That and don’t let that dang 17 year old mental midget near me till tomorrow.  DANG!!

DANG!!! The power went off last night as I was trying to hit the publish button.  The WIND, the DANG wind went to howling and then and then it started raining.  It actually rained almost an inch!  Finally.  Dang! I spent the morning dumping water out of troughs and feed pans.  I was actually in a good mood about it.  Now, I get to spend time in a tractor.  And since it rained, in a day or two, I will get to doctor little goats with the shits.  Dang!

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