That game took years off my life.  I didn’t go for good reason(s).  I did however watch it on tv instead of listening to it on the radio as I usually do.  Okie State did not get out-coached.  They did not get screwed by the refs.  I do not like that qb but that dude is a gamer.  He was the difference.  Beaver dam no. 2!!!

I sat here at the house in paradise, watching, hoping, thinking, cussing, believing, going outside to whizz, coming back for more, r u kidding me, kind of, what in the kind of call was that, did that just happen, wow, oh, no.  Like a flat tire–deflated.  But still wearing orange.

I am not anti-ou.  I just don’t like the ou fans.  I am fine with the true ou fans that actually attended ou or have family that attended ou.  It is a stellar university and the OU alumni are fine to deal but I could throat punch all of the fair-weather non-ou students/alumni that are a pain to listen to.

I guess where those of us that are loyal and true differ from those clowns, we have cows and goats to cuss at after a game.  It was funny following Kela, Tammy and I via text during the second half.  By the way, Kela is room-mates and friends with several OU grads.  Entertaining.

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