Current Events

     We are wrapping up all of the semen sales from last week.  There were 4 sales with quite a few lots.  The last of the releases will be sent in today.  Well, except for those that have yet to pay up. 

      I don’t watch hardly any professional sports.  It’s been several years since I watched a nfl game, I don’t remember the last time that I watched an nba game and I didn’t watch a mlb game last year or this year.  I do watch highlights.  

       This morning, I read an interview with Brett Favre.  He stated that he felt like “fewer people were watching professional football because there were too many politics involved.”   Hunh?  No $h!t.!!  The kneeling during the national anthem, the blm crap, whining about this or that…..   shut up and play.  

       As a stock show junkie, one has to wonder if the current state of stock shows will affect the numbers that participate in years to come.  There is no doubt that the top end consumer will always be there.  But we need to remember that the general population doesn’t deal with that top end market.  Most of the world shops at amazon and wal-mart.  Well, and obviously Dollar General as those stores are popping up EVERYWHERE!!

         On the other hand, I still watch college sports.  Some of that political crap has trickled down into the ncaa sports.  But not near as bad.  Tuesday evening, I came in from doing chores.  As chores don’t take as long anymore and it was too windy to do much outside, I was bored, so I flipped on the tv.  Not much on normal tv so I turned on espn+.  I’m glad that I did.  Texas Tech was playing baseball.  Former student Brendan Girton was making his first start as a freshman pitcher for the #8 ranked Red Raiders.  Shattuck schools took the baseball and softball team to Lubbock to watch Brendan make his first start.  This was cool.  The announcers talked about the small hometown from which Girton hailed.  The multiple state championships that this small school has won.  And how cool was it to have that many people there supporting him.  Oh, and they threw in the fact that Shattuck is so small that it doesn’t even have a stop light in it.  I guess it’s a good thing that the announcers didn’t know that our entire county does NOT have a stop light.  

        Better yet, on Wednesday the superintendent received an e-mail from a Texas Tech fan that sat behind the Shattuck kids at the game.  He was a police chief from some town in the greater Lubbock area.  The letter was very positive about how impressed they were with the behavior of the Shattuck students and how much fun the kids had while watching their friend play ball.   It also included how great it would be to be young again.  The email congratulated the community, school and parents for doing a great job of raising young people.  How cool is that? 

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