Nice crisp morning out there today. I actually kind of enjoy colder weather. I know there will be a lot of people complaing about it being cold. Before you start complaining, I want you to remember back a month or so at the NINETY plus days of 100 degree temps. I’ll take these cool, crisp mornings any day over that blazing furnace that we endured this summer. You can always put a coat on when it is cold. Not much you can do outside when it is 115.

I’ve been at war with flies around Duke’s hogs the past two weeks. Fly bait, sprays, keep pens clean, etc. This morning kind of ended that battle.

A lot of people out west are finishing drilling wheat. Most have a stand up, just waiting for the next rain. Lot of corn stalks and milo still being baled up in TX and OK panhandle. Anything that might have a chance of making a meal for cows has been baled up this year. Not much other choice, with no grass to eat.

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