I’ll tell what is crazy!  This Dragon Lady smoked a pork loin on the traeger.  She bacon wrapped this deal and used the just right amount of garlic powder and black pepper for seasoning.  OH!! This is one of the top 5 pieces of pig that I have ever eaten.  And people, I eat a lot of pig!  Crazy good!

These are not scientific #s,  however, I bet that I am not far off.  I would bet that 95% of all people just really want this upcoming election over, and that it goes their way.  4.9% are looked at as conspiracy theorists and they don’t believe the poll #s, or anything else associated with politics.  AND then there are that .1% that really just wants that 4.9% to shut the hell up and not teach anything to anybody about the reality that the 95% does not know exists.

Guess which percentage that I would own real estate?  Yeah, that 4.9%   Except that I am the vocal minority of that 4.9%.

I truly wish that I did not know what I know.  I am not prepared to turn the industry upside down, but I can name names, dates, conversations, and show you exactly how things happened.  I can use a crayon, a blog or a legal document to explain it all.  You may not like me, may not know me, but you will go “Hunh, it’s hard to argue with him.”   Which would explain…a lot….about…… why you are still reading this stuff.

All of this brings up a logical question.  Why don’t you just type it out and let’s get the lawyers some work?

I’ve never done any drugs.  Never smoked pot. (Had a couple of contact highs at a concert or three, then went out and bought 20+ McD’s cheeseburgers and gave to homeless people and some gangsters at a quick stop.)  And no, I’m not an alcoholic.  You regular readers can probably tell when I shouldn’t be driving or typing.  And you can dang sure tell when I’m just being real.  If I’m typing, I ain’t going nowhere.  It’s always late at night or way early in the morning.  I have no chemical problems.

It’s simple.  I’m a stock show junkie.  I don’t want to blow the program up.  I just don’t like the BS, squat to pee, chicken shit stuff that goes on behind the scenes.  I would rather it not happen, but when u ass clowns do it, at least make it look proper.  That, singular action, in of-its-self,  removes a person like me from the equation.  Use good ones.  That’s it!  It’s not crazy.  Use a good one, consistently and you immediately negate a person like me from the equation.    Sure, I wish that there were bigger names, people with titles that had a wheel-barrow to haul their nuts around.  There isn’t.  They all have some money on the line somewhere.  I did.  However, I have learned that there are things more important than a fricking $.    I don’t care who I offend and I am not afraid of those that I offend.   So… we are.   Coast to Coast–this simple blog has been discussed.  I am aware.   

Why am I a stock show junkie?  I’m that guy that has taken many of kids, regardless of species, to the backdrop at all levels of shows.  I have no nerves headed down the ramp at OYE.   Why?  Those kids are ready.  My kid, your kid, our kids.  All of the above.  I, we, all of us did our job and this is the fun part.  Somebody is getting ready to buy me dinner and drinks at Trappers.   Yet, I still get the chills, when a young kid takes their first animal into their first county stock show ring.  You can’t replace that feeling.  

I’m that crazy dude that loves when a competitor asks for help.   Not one time have I cashed a check for that advice.  Speeches, stock shows, ag mech, who cares….I’ve always answered.  I may not tell you everything till you earned it.  I may even tell you how you have been screwing up.  And we all like to hear negative advice.  But, without fail, I will get you going down the right path.  I know, that’s crazy.

I’m that guy that watches an experienced showman help a beginner and realize the respect from the beginner and the desire to help from the expert.  Both parties are winning, if they aren’t worried about a $.  Kela helped make all goat showers in Oklahoma better.  Free showmanship clinics whenever asked.  And always worked with families that asked for help.  Then, I watched as those younger showmen turned into the Schovanec kids, Lexi Vanderwork, Bree Taylor, Chesley Comstock, etc, etc, etc.  And now, Braden Schovanec is one of the best at coaching elite showman.  It just keeps rolling downhill when it is right.  Seriously, it doesn’t cost a thing to roll down hill.  But if you want to go uphill, you are going to pay to ride a lift, rent a jeep or buy a donkey.  And that is the stock show world in a nutshell.

I’m the guy that gets amped watching a showman work and get better at each workout.  They walk out of the ring each time, and asks, “What can I do better?”  And then takes your advice and does it better the next time.  It’s crazy how fun that is.

I may be crazy, but there isn’t any of you that think that I am dumb.  Cuz….if I’m dumb, you are dumber for reading this crap!    I ain’t reading your blog.  Hunh…just saying.

I may start the day with 12 and end the day with 13.  I truly, do not care who I offended.

I did  hear a term called Jelly Juice. Kinda like Tim McGraw, “I like it. I love it.”  Now just figure out how to market it with a 100% tied to the name.  IDK.   Maybe U R Jealous.  I’m not but I absolutely love it.  Seems fun.  Not my ideas but I like it, would buy some of it and would need some more of it.  I just need a hoodie if you get it figgered out.

People, if we can’t have fun with all of this; then it’s time to give it up.  And this is not the time.  I may be opinionated, yes, for sure, but…..

As a stock show junkie, it would be hard to be run for public office and when questioned, explain the stock show world….and answer honestly…..even if you were completely clean.   Think about how you would answer those questions?!?!   Truly, think about it.   Not as a parent, ag teacher, breeder, jock, whatever.   Take a step back and ask yourself that question.  The stock show world should be a shining light for the non-agriculturists to learn about animal husbandry.  Instead, we are happy to live in the shadows, hoping that a tv channel doesn’t shed light on a recurring problem like we saw back in ’95.  Yeah, you Okies remember what I’m talking about.  And if you don’t….you need a history lesson.

I should probably go back and proof-read this one.  I’m tired.  It is what it is.

This blog was supposed to be a short one.  I guess that I was crazy for thinking that.


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