Crappy Movies that I like

Get ready to be offended because I already know that a couple of you readers will be upset with a movie or three that are on this list.

I’m not ranking these, I’m just putting it out here that these movies are not very good but I will watch them EVERY time that they come on the tube.

Some actors just fit this genre.  Adam Sandler, Kurt Russell, Keanu Reaves, Sly Stallone, the Arnold and Nicolas Cage.  They have made careers out of crappy movies that people like to watch…time….and…time again.

Mike Myers has made a lot of profitable flicks.  But he always toes the line with this list.

His SNL brethren understand the formula.  Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler are mainstays on a list like this.

Talladega Nights is one of the worst movies EVER made, but I will watch it time and time and time again.  I love it.  But the timelines and the reality just ain’t right.

The Longest Yard by Adam Sandler falls into this category.  Stupid movie remake that is borderline retarded and I….will watch it again. Not as cool as the original but….

Billy Madison is just like that line in the movie…..”We are all dumber….”  I like it but this is one stupid movie.  But, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, some hot chick, a stupid plot….and I will watch it again.

Ted Turner made obscure movies famous when he started TBS.  “The Christmas Story” is one that became iconic.  Another of those bad flicks was Beastmaster.  Horrible made, cheap flick that was kind of cool but I guarantee you that the Kelln brothers remember this flick in a positive light.

Let’s just start a thread with Nicolas Cage movies.  Face/Off and ConAir are a pair of crappy movies that I like to watch.  Gone in 60 seconds is a dumb donkey wicked cool movie.  Impossible stupid plot.  But I like it.

Arnold is another actor that has excelled at crappy cool movies.  Conan the Barbarian isn’t right but I will watch it…again.

Kevin Costner is one of the all time greats.  But he did make Waterworld and The Postman.  I will watch both, but neither are his best works.

Deep Blue Sea is one of the coolest, crappy movies of all time.  LL Cool J is a main character.  You don’t get much cooler than Samuel L. Jackson….but…….

The late great Patrick Swayze made some iconic flicks but had a couple of deals that weren’t worth 2 squirts of owl shit.  Next of Kin was stupid but kind of cool.

AND, now I brace myself for feedback……Roadhouse is one of the dumbest movies of all time.  Get over it.  It make NO sense.  However, I will watch it every time that it comes on.  Stupid, COOL flick!!   Sam Elliott plays his worst role of all time but it is cool.

Keanu Reaves is a cool cat that has made some legendary movies and a couple that work like a hoover vacuum. I like Keanu Reaves movies.  But one of the dumbest, crappiest movies of all time is one of my favorites.  The Replacements.  It makes NO sense but is way fun, way cool and a watcher uses ZERO brain cells.  I really like this movie.

Sly Stallone is one of the all time Hollywood Icons but he has made his share of crappy movies.  Some of the Rocky & Rambo franchises would fall into this category as well as all of the Expendables BUT the champion CRAPPY movie of all time is “Over the Top”.

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