Today is the Ellis County Livestock Show.  County shows, as a whole, can be pretty stressful.  But, this one should be pretty calm.  Typically, it is a laid back affair.  One, all of the ag teachers and the county agent all get along, so we don’t cause many problems for each other.  Two, although there are some hyper-competitive stock show families in this county, as a whole, they have their sights on trying to take care of business at district and state shows.  It will kind of be a day of getting everybody to the ring, learning and having fun.

Basically, today will consist of helping young showman learn the ropes.  Notes will be taken regarding feeding, exercise and showmanship changes between now and our district show.  We will all be thankful that the brutal cold & wind that we had on Saturday is now gone for a couple of days.  I’m looking forward to the concession stand.  Spake will be taking cell phone pics of all unsuspecting victims, including the judge, and forwarding them to several text groups.

Last night, I moved 9 expecting mothers into the kidding barn.  We should be busy several days this week.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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