County Show

Survived the Major County Livestock Show yesterday. I worked the hog show ring for 5 hours. I worked the exit gate, which at that show ring is the worst gate to work. I think I will let Fred have that gate next year. Grand barrow was a berk. I actually agreed with the judge. It is a dang good berk. I didn’t have any desire to watch the sheep show and since the wind was only blowing about 40 mph, Duke and I decided it would be a good chance to run up to Cleo Springs and look at some goats. We did see some way good doe kids and maybe a buck prospect or two.

The goat show started at 5 last night. The doe show at Major County is very good. There are several families in this county that are super tough at the doe shows. This spring will be no different. I’ll put this county up against any of them in Oklahoma. A lot of these does were born in Major county. The wether show was limited in numbers but not in quality. There were only 18 wethers, but 4 or 5 are premium sale quality at OYE. We only took one wether, but we only have 2 on feed. Duke had the grand, but showmanship wasn’t where it needed to be. Always more work. He’ll have it right by Enid and OYE.

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