I like good music.  Period.  Classical, rock, pop, country, rap, I do not care as long as it is good.  I just saw on facebook that there was some kind of country music award show, so I found it on CMT.

I’m not anti-new country music.  It’s just that most of this crap ain’t country.  Kelly Clarkson is a talented performer.  But country?  She was singing “American Woman” which is a classic kick ass ROCK song and she didn’t rock it.  And it dang sure didn’t sound country.  Who, her, manager, what, why would they allow her to go on a country music show and sing that?  It wasn’t good and she is capable of being great.

Blake Shelton is now talking about being the old generation and how excited he is for the new generation.  What?

I guess that there is a reason that King George, Garth and others still have such a huge following.  I don’t know much but this stuff isn’t good.  I think that I am getting ready to start up a country band.  I’ve got more talent than some of these hacks.

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