Is there a correction in the marketplace?  Personally, I think that we had already seen the correction and my buck sale is proof.  Wait?  What?  When?

Look at the wether sales the past year and this current year.  There has been quite a high percentage of wethers selling for $7,500 and up.  And then there is a bunch at the $2,000 and down.  There is not many selling for 2-7K.  There is a STRONG market for the high dollars and then no middle ground.

Bucks are the same.  If you have the right genetics and buzz, there are several looking to spend whatever is needed on a buck.  Myself included.  But, all stars have to be aligned.  Now, look at the number of bucks being traded online during last week and this week.  I used to enjoy a consolidated market.  In fact, I was about the only one offering breeding age bucks.  Now, there are other options.  Good and bad.

The lot 1 buck I sold looks just like his picture and handles wicked.  I love the lot 2 buck.  I shouldn’t have let him go, but when you only have 15 does left around the place….DUDE!   You can’t keep them all.

I’ve been watching numerous bull sales.  The right ones, with the right pedigree are bringing unlimited amounts of $s.  But, the market drops off after that.  A $5,000 bull will probably breed 50 cows per year.  Let’s be real, most bucks are NOT breeding but 20-30 does per year.

I know what costs that I have in these bucks–feed, clipping, photoing, commission, etc.  There are also opportunity costs for what I could have sold them as younger goats.  Some of these made money.  The better ones probably lost money.  But their new owners will be happy with the outcome.

There will be bucks sell higher.  I’m fine with it.  It is what it is.  There are many people that have been leasing bucks that should have been buying tonight.  Then again, it ain’t much fun to own a buck.

I have had an excellent experience selling yearling bucks over the past 5 years.  I did not understand the market then and I still don’t understand it.  What I do know…a cool, fuzzy young one with a good pic will always sell well.

Thank you to all that bid and bought.  We truly appreciate it.  I haven’t seen a sale report but I am excited to see what bucks went where.  In the end, there are some people that got some really good buys.  And I will probably get to meet up with Bob May somewhere and eat some Mexican food and hear some stories.  It’s all good.

Thank you to all.


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