Corona….not here!

I haven’t had a Corona in years.

While in quarantine, we did wash, clip and photo a bunch of yearling bucks as well as some winter born kids.  I really like one of these bucks.  He is the biggest chested, busted open ribcage, squarest racked and big center loined deals that I have ever handled.  I like him.

Friday night, I gave a speech to Blaine Rue about growing your own.  Grow your own customers, grow your showman, whatever.  I can personally testify to the value of growing your own.  I have witnessed the friendships forged from a group of kids that grew up in the barn together.  A couple of weeks ago, Tammy and I had to take Duke and turn him over to the Marines.  Braden Schovanec, Chesley Comstock and Lexi Vanderwork met us at the hotel.  It’s hard to read Duke Kelln.  (not sure where he gets it)  But, I can tell you that he was amped that those people were there for him.

Saturday morning, Blaine got to see the next generation of helpers.  Ol’ Kelln had a crew of sheep showman ready to work.  Washing, drying and setting up.  Ask Kratzer about this crew.  Clayton Washmon is a work horse.  And these Spillman twins are young but willing to work.  Wicked!!  I will guarantee you that a couple of these bucks have the cleanest nuts that have ever been offered.

These twins are 9 years old.  They had an issue in school a couple of weeks ago. Their principal told me this story.  During the pledge of allegiance, a classmate wouldn’t stand and salute.  One of them said, “You better salute or you might go to hell.”  The other one, said “You’d get your ass whipped at my house for not saluting the U.S. flag.”  Needless to say that I like these kids.

No, I don’t know where the goat market is headed but I do think that we will see some of these bullshit online sales exposed.  I also think that….well, that will go in a later post.

As for my social distancing, (I have been preparing for this my whole life).  I did watch a video of Steve Martin playing a banjo and I watched a video of Neil Diamond playing a parody of “Sweet Caroline”, something about washing hands.  And how about the Gambler passing away.  I have always been a fan of Kenny Rogers.  In this current marketplace, we will see some fold em, some that know when to walk away and some of us that just push all in.

On an evening of Tammy and I learning how to coexist with no kids at home.  She cooked a mini herf roast with taters and carrots.  DAMN GOOD!   We watched the Tom Hanks movie (he has the corona)  A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.  I wasn’t expecting that movie to be so dark.  But, dang , that is a good flick.  Is he the best actor ever?

I guess that I have the next 2 weeks off from teaching.  Okay!  You can find me at the ag building or looking at stock for next year.

Prayers, horseshoes & shamrocks!!   Oh,… and cheers!



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