The coolest thing about these dumb donkey professional athletes, other than the fact that I (and judging from the ratings, I am not alone) refuse to watch any professional sports,  some networks have clued into this fact and are currently showing some bad ass nature documentary type stuff.  It’s awesome!

It may not be Marty Stouffer “Wild America”  but it dang sure is fun to watch.  I’m not sure why we need a dude with a British accent narrating, but it works.  Kinda cool.

Since I couldn’t sleep, I watched a couple of episodes of Texas Law–about Texas game wardens.  It was cool.

I’m not sure if this is cool or not but a couple of days ago, a sheep sold in Scotland for a world record price of $490k.  How much will a straw of juice cost from this dude?  Oh and he was a Texel breed.  Yeah, I had heard of the Texel breed but I did not know that they were in demand like that.  We only think that the wether goat deal is expensive!

Speaking of cool.   I would now like to nominate Dave Grohl as the coolest rock star of all time.  Yes, all time.  For starters, he was the drummer of the band Nirvana.  Yeah, that band that BLEW up the early 90s and ended hair metal.  Then, after the lead singer of Nirvana shotgunned himself, Dave Grohl laid low while building his next band.  This band became the Foo Fighters.  Except Dave was now the lead singer and guitarist.  Just to be cool, he also plays in several other bands.   The Foo Fighters have became a favorite touring band.  Check out the story of him breaking his leg during a concert, yet he kept playing.  Then, in order to keep the tour going, while staying off his bad leg, they built a throne of guitars for him.  His fan interaction is legendary.  Seriously, read up on this dude.

One of my favorite youtube videos to watch is the drum off between Dave Grohl and Animal from the muppets.  “You win.”

Now, a 10 year old girl challenged him to a drum off via youtube.  He responded by playing a song that he hadn’t played in years and then passing the challenge back to her.  Wicked awesome!!   For real, read up on this dude and how he has managed success, bands, family and all the other stuff that go along with being a rock star.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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