Coolest ever

The Dragon Lady and I came walking into our homestead and Duke was home alone, watching a movie, in the dark.  Sometimes, when you walk in on an 18 year old male watching movies, you cringe.  But not on this night.  The favorite son was watching maybe the coolest movie ever made.

I did not say the best (it could be), but people, we are talking about the cooooolest movie ever made.

I had help with this list.  I originally asked the people in this house.  Then, I sent out a text to a select few INTELLIGENT folks.  Oh, they did not disappoint.  In fact, they even made me think about it.

It is becoming cooler to use numerous judges to line up a given show.  And actually, I am a big fan of using the Olympic style. Here goes.

14–Die Hard–wicked cool.  Still relevant.  Bruce Willis makes the everyman look cool.

13–Major League–love this movie.  So many cool characters.  Willy Mays Hays.

12–Indiana Jones–pick one.  They are all cool.  Personally, the coolest moment, is Indy pulling a pistol to shoot the dazzling swordsman.

11–For Love of the Game–I like baseball movies.  I like Kevin Costner’s characters.  I really like a lot about this movie.  It is way cool.  But cheesy.

10–Star Wars–should it be #1.  Probably.  But this single movie(s) has probably created more nerds than any flick ever.  Cool.  Not cool.   IDK

9–Blazing Saddles–best movie ever?  possibly.  Funniest? probably.  Coolest? close, but it is like that Ratt song and a Tim McGraw song–“Way Cool Jr.” and “I like it, I love it”.   DANG good but not #1.

8–Revenge of the Nerds–this movie made being a nerd cool.  Such a crappy movie that it is still cool to watch.

We are dealing with a really deep class that is packed with quality.  We had to sort off some good ones to get to this point.  I know that we normally only talk the top 5  but we are dealing with a class full of stock that came to win.

7–Quiet Man–Wait? What?  Wicked cool movie.  John Wayne was a bad ass and this movie took it to a different level.  So many cool moments in this flick.  I love this movie.

6–Blues Brothers–6th? RUSM?   This one could win most shows.  “There are 106 miles to Chicago.  We have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.”  Way cool movie.

WHOA!!!! We’ve got an issue.  We just weighed one out.  Maybe the coolest movie of all-time– Pulp Fiction.  Look at that line up of characters.  Great story, cool music, cool ending, but only a fraction of the population can watch it.  Lots of issues.  This one didn’t pass the scales and probably wouldn’t pass a urine test.  But, dang that one is fun to watch…for some.

5–American Graffiti–How many cool movies did Harrison Ford act in?  Awesome movie that was cool to watch.  I know, I know…you clowns forgot about this one.  Cool story, cool music, cool cars….cool.  Real cool.

4–Bull Durham–The coolest baseball movie.  Cool characters/actors.  Cool story.  “Sears sucks.”   Cool, cool movie.  Cool moment–“What do you believe?”

3–Man From Snowy River–the Dragon Lady submitted this vote.  Can’t argue.  But, this is her vote for best movie, best everything ever put on film, etc.  This movie is cool.  Cool story, cool characters and then her response, “The coolest thing ever filmed is Jim chasing the brombies over the edge.  Nothing cooler.”  She ain’t wrong.

Duke went, “Hunh. Cool!”  I was like, “Yeah.  That is dang sure cool.”  She ain’t wrong.  This is a cool movie.

Put it #1, I won’t argue.

But, we are now down to two.  2, dos, zwei.  This top pair is so cool that one of them has cool in the title and the other, well.   Feel free to argue.

2–Cool Hand Luke–Duke’s #1.  I love this movie.  In Duke’s word’s, “He took a pipe cutter and cut the heads off of parking meters.  Is that even still a crime?  And I am a kid and the movie is still cool….now.  Top that.”

I can.  How?

I’ll tell you how.  Duke, you are currently watching one of the coolest movies ever made.   His reply, “Yeah, you got me.”

The coolest movie ever made, not the best, although some of the best played in this flick…..

1–Smokey and the Bandit–the car, the lead actor, the lead actress, the sheriff, the sheriff’s son, the trucker, the trucker’s dog, the songs, the story…. nothing but cool.  Maybe the coolest character of all-time–Sheriff Buford T. Justice.


All of the above is open2discussion at the proper setting/venue/place.   Over and out.  Which brings us back to Kris Kristofferson.  That Convoy movie is bad.  But, it is so cool that I would watch it again. I’m done.


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