I’ve done and seen some cool stuff in my time.  Caught a sailfish off the coast of Costa Rica.  Sat in the endzone seats as Barry Sanders caught the 1988 season opening kickoff and subsequently returned it over a 100 yards for a touchdown.  I was on the 12th row, on the floor, for a 1991 AC/DC concert.  Been in the John Deere factory and drove new equipment off the delivery trucks.

Friday evening we went to Luckenbach, TX.  I’ve been there before.  It has such a cool atmosphere.  The ladies bought some t-shirts.  I talked to people about my new hat.  We then meandered over to the concert hall.  It was unlocked.  We walked in, looked around and discussed the heritage of the building.  They had the stage and doorways to backstage roped off.  I was just standing there in my new hat when the backdoor opened.  A lady was carrying some musical gear.  I asked if she needed help.

She said, “I’ll gladly take any help carrying all of this stuff.

I asked, “Is it fine for me to come past this rope.”

“Come on!”    She did not have to repeat herself.

I grabbed a bag full of mics & cables with one hand and an amp with the other.  And on stage I went.  I made a couple of quick trips.  Then, hollered at the Dragon Lady to take a pic of me on stage in Luckenbach, Tx.  Standing there reminded me of Churchill Downs and Fenway Park.  You can feel the history.

I exited the other side of the stage, into the room known as Hondo’s Hilton.  This was cool.  There was a wall decorated with lots of pics of Waylon Jennings from all phases of his career.

The group was called Shannie.  There were 2 guitar players and a lady that did a lot of the singing.  They were mostly a vocal group.  Very talented.  It is amazing how many people are extremely talented but, for whatever the reason, just can’t hit the big time.

Kind of like show animals.  There are a lot of good ones but only a couple truly become great.  Nonetheless, we stayed and listened to the show.  I wore my new hat.  This was a really cool evening with good music and cool friends.


My question though, does this make me a roadie?


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