Cool Stories

Some stories are just better than others.  The story of the bull Heat Wave is cool.  900 has a fun back story.  Of course, I like a good story.  I would like to tell a story or two on here about a thing or twelve, but I won’t.

A couple of years ago, a cool dude goat breeder in Nebraska called.  Ron Simonson hollered at me and said, “I need you to take care of a family.  They need to lease a buck or two.  Great people that want to do right and the kids are golden.”  He was right.  I have enjoyed dealing with this family.  Good people.

Tonight, Randy Kegley got me to answer the phone while I was out of the wind.  We talked about bucks, AIing does, etc. etc. etc.  After talking goats, he asked how my kids were doing and if my daughter was still in California.  “Yes, sir. She is still there.”

Randy then told me that his oldest was getting ready to start her career as an ag ed teacher in Nebraska.  Marissa–which is the owner of the goats is doing awesome in school and has her goals and sights set high.  And then he said, “Do you remember that my other daughter was applying to Stanford?”

I replied that I did remember.  I also remember thinking  “DANG! That will cost a pile of cash.”  He said, “She did get accepted and I am thankful for that.”

We talked about daughters in college.  I had to ask the obvious question, “What in the heck is this going to cost a year?”  He told me and I am pretty sure that there is a stain on our carport concrete where I crapped myself.  He went on to tell me how he was planning on making it work BUT….BUT….his daughter had written some reports, essays, financial deals…..AND….AND…..Stanford was making it work for them.

I got two things from this story.  One—Stanford obviously wants this girl as a student.  Two–It is cool to see that a farm kid with dreams still has a chance, regardless of $s.  And of course, three—It is fun to get to hear these kind of stories.

We have been busy the past few days.  We hauled several CDE teams to Stillwater for state contests.  One deal went good, just not as good as we hoped.  Another was good.  And the other, well, all 4 team members were 8th grade boys.  I like their future.  All of these kids were top notch.  I am honored to get to work with this caliber of students.

On this fine Sunday morning, I met 4 kids at the ag building so that we could head to OKC for the State FFA Choir.  Within minutes of leaving, one of the moms called.  She was on her way there.  Her son had just lost a grandpa.  No doubt that we waited.  I told the young man, “If you need to stay, it is not a problem.”  I loved it when he hugged his mom, turned and squared up to me and said, “Mr. Kelln, I’m going.  My grandpa would want me to do that.”

And in the Shattuck Schools calendar this week—the FFA has state convention, the choir has tri-state, the softball team is in the state tournament and the baseball team is in the state tournament.  Not room for much schooling but a lot of kids will be making memories.

And during all of this, Duke has a dang sure heifer bull that he raised.  He had a young heifer calve to him and all things went well.  Across the road, different bull and different cows, Tammy had a c-section on a mini herf heifer.  It’s not a cool thing when Duke’s calf may be smaller than the mini herf.  Duke’s deal is a hereford cross bull x red angus/charolais cow.

While Duke and I were gone this weekend, Tammy had John Q Kelln, Johnny File and John Rakestraw helping her with the mini herf ordeal.  One thing that we have around here is lots of good help.  And as a result, she has a live cow with a live calf.  But now I’m worried about the rest of these heifers.  It’s always something.

Taters and okra are in the ground–a month late.  If the wind wasn’t blowing 40 mph  then I might have chiseled some ground.  But NOPE!  Not today.


Peace out and good luck.

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