I didn’t mind the first text that called me “Controversial”.   But the 2nd one from a different # made me go WTH?!  I have yet to make time to see where the 602 area code is, and I don’t know the person (unnamed texts bother me) but it made me think.  How am I the most “controversial person” in the goat industry?  And by the way, both texts were very positive.

1–My kids have never “tested out” of any show, anywhere.  And we’ve had numerous species tested at numerous shows for many years.  (OYE, Tulsa, KC & Phoenix).

P.S.–Neither of my kids have ever shown at Denver.  Why?  Both for academic reasons.  The first one graduated from Fairview and took a very rigorous class load.  The current one doesn’t like academics which makes it hard to miss school.  Both kids will be successful in life, just down different roads.

2–I have never had to hire a lawyer to defend my kids at any show.  (I have had to pay a lawyer before, but not for this kind of crap.)

3–I have lost “friends” that wanted to play the dirty pool game.  And I have had strenuous times with current friends that wanted to push too hard.  I get it, I just don’t agree.

4–Have I ever had input on judges at shows?  Sometimes, I think that I was asked just to give me a sense that I had a say.  And sometimes I actually had input.  And Yes, I  have spent way more time fighting to keep crooked ones out than I have ever spent trying to get the “right” judge.  I have seen the camp fire where these “deals” are done, I just chose to walk away. ( I have to give credit to the “camp fire” quote to Fred Slater; circa 2008.)

5–I have NOT done everything right in life or in this game, but very few others have been perfect either.  Yes, I have been associated with things that weren’t right in the stock show game.  And that has galvanized Tammy and I as to how we approach a lot of this stuff with our own kids and those around us.

6–Me hitting publish on this post, or any other, does not hurt me.  Nor will it.  Will there be retaliation against Duke in the show ring?  I doubt it.  But, maybe.  But if so, it just proves me right.  My thoughts–it shouldn’t happen.  It won’t happen.  Are there people that would like to catch me in a dark alley?  Oh yeah!  But I relish the thought. (this would be an inherited trait)

How am I controversial?  I am NOT.  Opinionated–YES.  If you don’t like my opinion, then you would be wrong.  And, it gets worse when I’m not at a keyboard.  Controversial–NO!  I am not.  Confrontational–whenever needed and by all means.  The term you should use is Determined.  That’s it.  That’s all.  Well, some think that the term a-hole might also apply?!

There are a lot of things about this industry that are built on a house of cards.  Basically, this industry is a hobby to 99% of the people involved.  It would only take one wrong thing to bring this all down.  And all of you political/crooked jacks need to keep that in mind.

And 98.9% or better of the entire industry is EXACTLY what I want my kids to learn–the success, the failures, the communication, the marketing, the work ethics, the genetics, all of the above.  It is real life and I love it!  I love the kids, the animals (not the does, but all the rest), the friends, the competition, the learning, the work, the trials, the tribulations, the travels, the gambles, the sure things, the WTH was I thinking when I bought that one,  the months of worrying if that buck kid was the right one, the getting out bid and getting the winning bid (even when you are wondering WHY you got it bought so CHEAP?!) and hitting a wicked good restaurant with good friends while chasing good stock.

Sometimes, I worry about who is driving the bus, even if they have a CDL.  But, I am not worried about this deal.  There are a few that stink up the whole place.  But, for the rest, I am all in.  And that, my friends, is not controversial.  I just happen to be right!  Again!


Oh, I almost forgot.   Have a good one and a better tomorrow!  I’m going to.







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