To preface this post, Shattuck FFA hosted a jr. cde contest in Woodward today.  A jr. cde contest is open to 8th, 9th & 10th graders to compete in various career development events such as meats, ag mech, food science, floriculture, etc.  This contest is designed to be an introductory event to allow younger FFA members an opportunity to compete in various events and find one that best suits them.  Going forward, they can choose to bear down and prepare for the full contests and compete against all age groups.

Some people that kind of know me think that I am all about the win, the banner or the trophy.  Those that truly know me understand that if they are giving a prize, then by all means, prepare to win that damn thing.  But, I truly do not give a rat’s ass about another plaque or banner.  I LOVE the journey to get there.

There were over 300 kids from 14 different FFA chapters, which arise from 5 counties in NW OK.  I read off the winners for 13 different CDE areas.  I loved it when I called a Shattuck kid that had worked had to prepare.  I REALLY got amped when a student that had worked hard, but wasn’t expecting to win, got their name called.

But being the addict that I am, I took great pleasure watching as the other kids from any given school cheered for a kid that got his/her name called.  I noticed a particularly strong cheering section from a chapter for a 3rd high individual.  He kind of ducked his head as he came to get his medal.  But, you could tell that he was stoked.  Later, I watched the ag teacher interact with his group of kids, and in particular, that young man that gathered a medal.  I listened to positive reinforcement & some friendly jabs and comments about work paying off.  There was a group of 20+ kids from that chapter.  They had done really well in a division but they rallied around that one kid and the ag teacher.

And since some of these contests give out banners, scholarships and plaques, the Shattuck kids MAY have to listen to me about what they did right and/or wrong.  The one thing that you can count on, I won’t show favorites.  They all have an equal chance at me pointing out what they did wrong and they all have a chance at a high five.  HOWEVER, as I was unloading stuff today, I got to witness my co-teacher in a teachable moment as she was lining out some meatheads that didn’t perform as well as they should have.  Teachable moments.  I love it!


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