It truly baffles me that you people read this crap.  Congrats!!   

       There is a lot going on here in the greater Fargo area.  I actually made it to Mass this morning.  And we lived up to one of the songs.  “Seeds scattered and sown.  Wheat gathered and grown.”     Check yes to all of that.  We drilled some cover crops as well as hegari seed.  And yes, when I run the drills, they are basically scattered and sown.  Duke showed up to help move round bales of triticale.  It made better than I thought it would.  Wheat?   Well, yes.  I share-crop 160 acres with the Torrance family.  Some of you know Nathan Torrance.  Yes, his family.  Stellar people.  Could I farm it myself?  Sure. But they have better equipment and they like farming.  So, I gladly provide my 1/3 and hope that both parties come out ahead.  Excellent people.  

        I don’t watch many video auctions.  However, I was stranded in a hotel room on Friday night.  So, I watched Friday Night Fever without any audio.  RUSM?   All of the hype, modern technology and we can’t have audio on the internet version.   I was hoping that Maycon would sell a $100 grand wether.  Come on!   $40K is it?   Further proof that the $70K deal was bullshit!  If the crew in Angelo isn’t selling one for $70K, nobody is/was/whatever.  

      Damn!!   I need a haircut, a shave and a BATH.  Not a shower, but a full-up-to-the-chin tub of steaming hot water BATH!   This bathroom remodel was needed but DANG!!  Off to the back porch shower.  Yep, no kids in this house.  So I can just free step it down the hallway and through whatever rooms I want.  Back porch shower, towel off and then walk it like it’s a homecoming parade.  

       I haven’t written enough yet I have written too much.  Much like the modern media, you didn’t learn much yet you learned more than you cared.  

       On goat news, I turned my herd of 5 does out into a 12 acre trap.  GARP was happy.   Cool stories to come in the upcoming days.  I promise.  

       On a side note, when I listen to George Thorogood, well… neighbors do as well.  If it’s too loud, you’re too old!   


“Damnit Tammy, I’m writing a blog!!!   The music needs to be loud.”

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