Congratulations to the Shattuck Indian football team on winning their 11th state football championship.  All of those wins have came since 1991.  Yes, it is 8 man football, except for that ’91 win.  A win is a win.  And they had to beat a private school from the Tulsa area.  Money doesn’t always buy wins.

This class of senior football boys have won 3 state championships in 4 years.  They lost in over-time in the state championship game as sophomores, or it would have been 4.  By all accounts, nobody liked the refs that game.

This year’s head coach, Troy Bullard, has been a part of all 11 wins.  1 as a player, 8 as a head coach, 2 as an assistant coach.  Plus, he has been the head coach of 4 softball state titles.  Yes, that means that he wears state championship rings on his toes.

People can over-praise athletics.  Too much emphasis can be placed on winning.  Football can take over and be a focal point.  Shattuck, is a football school, but is also a  prime example of how football can propel other activities.

Just a week or so ago, the entire school had a send-off with police escort to lead the Shattuck Indian Big Red bus out of town for the Robotics Team that was headed to Ft. Smith.  Those kids loved it.

The principal is not a Shattuck native. But, he has been a part of quite a few state baseball, softball and basketball state championships.  He is a proven winner.  Thus, the reason he now works in Shattuck.  He was in awe at the first of this year when he realized that every kid can sing the school fight song.  That dates back to the early 80s and has continued with a wicked awesome choir that every kid takes part in until they are in high school.  Football schools allow choirs and bands to show their wares.  And cheerleading.  And, for that matter, FFA.

I did not go to the game.  One, I didn’t want to jinx them.  Two, it is a well documented fact that I like listening to games on radio.  Three, Duke was going.  So, I did chores until after opening kickoff.  It was close for most of the game.  But, the group of small town, low rent Shattuck-ites prevailed.

Cool fact.  There was only one player announced from Shattuck that is not currently in the Shattuck FFA.  But, EVERY kid that had his name called during the game can weld and has sold some Blue & Gold.  And they sound good on the radio.

Huge congratulations to small schools and the community pride that they inspire.  Yes, I like this Shattuck win.  But what about Tonkawa?  They gathered another banner.  And FOLLETT, TEXAS.   Holy Jeeminy, they are headed to the Texas state finals.  The Panthers will be playing in Jerry World next week.  Yes, that Jerry World. Go Panthers!

Raising goats, or any livestock, is a lot like athletics.  You can work hard, game plan properly and try to control karma and luck, yet stuff still doesn’t work like you want or expect.  I get it when people get fired up about their high school or college team.  I feel it.  It’s good.

But, I don’t care where you show some movies, such as the all-time great Christmas Vacation.  If you try to BLEEP a well placed word, people will always still say it out loud.  Example–When Cousin Eddie is in his bath robe, bomber hat, golashas and holding (heck, you all are already saying it) a brew for breakfast while dumping the RV sewage into the storm drain,  it is dang neart impossible to keep from saying ” The ……. is full!”  R U $h!tt!ng me!  We all know that line.  Why bleep it?

Here’s to all those hard reached goals, those that set and worked towards goals and those of us that should have worked harder.

Is it a loss if Al Czervik was right?

Here’s to horseshoes and shamrocks!   Have a good one.

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