Congratulations to another Shattuck Indian state championship team.  The football boys won Shattuck’s 10th state football championship.  Throw in the Shattuck Lady Indians softball state championship in fast-pitch softball this fall and they are having a gold ball kind of year.  Oh and those Lady Indians also won slow-pitch back in May 2017.  Shattuck already has earned 3 gold balls in 2017.

The scary part is that the basketball teams are dang competitive, baseball came within a game of the state tourney last spring and Shattuck had the 3rd overall golfer last spring.  And the robotics team was 4th in their 4 state regional.  And the choir wins LOTS and LOTS.  And the Speech group wins.  And the FFA is as well rounded as any.

The hardest thing as a teacher in Shattuck is sharing kids.  Very small school.  High expectations.  It is a juggling act.  For the teachers, coaches, ag teacher, administration, parents–all of the above.

Basically, I’m just telling you, we’ve got good kids in Shattuck America.

Did Duke play?  No.  My brother Jake was on Shattuck’s first state title team in ’91 and was all-state in baseball.  Tammy played on Arnett basketball teams that won a lot including the ’89 state runner-up team.  But, this genetic mating managed to not pass any athletic genes to our son.  However, he went to the game.  Which meant that I stayed home to do chores.  Tammy and I listened on the radio.  One of my favorite Ag Mecker kids was named player of the game–Riley Girton–the only senior on the team.  His dad and I graduated high school together.  Small towns rule!

Saturday AM, we will load 28 FFA kids on a bus to go to MFE and ALD in OKC.  Our bus driver will drive to tonight’s game, get home, park the bus at his house, get up and drive these kids to the city.  Yes, his son is going and is a starter on both sides of the line.

Congrats to the kids, school, community and parents for another win.  You can watch the crap on the news or watch the kids in Shattuck America.  We’ve got good kids!

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