I, like a lot of people, have watched some of this college football playoff selection crap.  I have no issues with Clemson, ou or Georgia.  I do NOT think that Ohio State or USC have a claim.  They lost too many games and some of them ugly.

My problem, is why not Wisconsin?  I’m not a fan of theirs or their schedule.  But they only lost one game, in a conference championship game and they played close.  Alabama is only there by reputation and that is it.  Now, having said that, Alabama is capable of winning it all.  They have their opportunity and I wouldn’t bet against that coach.  As for the playoffs, I am now a Georgia fan.  Go Dawgs!  And then Clemson.  The other 2—well, either can win it but I hope not.

I watched some Facebook videos on this fine evening.  I re-watched that bad donkey video of a jaguar swimming up and grabbing a caiman on shore.  That video is bad ass.

I also watched a video of Mike Leach discussing the college football playoff committee.  Watch it.  He’s right.  I think that Coach Leach and I have a lot in common.  We really don’t care what other people think, we are both usually right and most really don’t want to listen to either of us.  Probably, because we are both usually right, somewhat irreverent and sometimes there is some controversy or another.  Now, hold on smart asses.  I know that he isn’t seen as a winner.  And we aren’t going to list resumes but there are very few that want to measure.  And although Mike Leach hasn’t won a big one, he has taken two different mediocre programs to consistent winning seasons.  He has influenced a lot of other coaches including several that are going to bowls.  Big Bowls–such as playoff bowls.

Think about this.  You have to get a program going.  You cannot hire Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio, Gary Patterson or any retired coaches.  This dude will get things rolling and then keep it up.  I probably wouldn’t trade Gundy for Leach.  But in a one game scenario, I wouldn’t bet against Leach.  In a 10 game series, I’ll take Gundy.

Duke hauled some calves to the Woodward Livestock Auction last week.  The check came in the mail today.  We sat and went over the expenses deducted from the check–commission, insurance, feed, vet and checkoff.  When we dropped the calves off, I told Duke that I thought that he could get X $s.  We were within $50 of that total.  I was hoping for more but he will take it.  Especially, since he has a keeper bull on feed and 5 keeper heifers that are currently getting bred.  Pay the bills and build the herd.

I needed to pull cidrs and give lut shots at 9 am this morning.  So, I loaded the does up and took to school.  At 8:55 am, the 8th graders had finished their sheep breed ID test.  So, we went outside to the trailer, caught does, gave shots and pulled cidrs.  Nobody got pooter juice on them.  It was good.  2nd hour, we road-tripped to Fargo, unloaded does and changed pickups.

And tonight, it is a windy SOB.  Duke and I stood in the big barn with a couple of cool dudes telling stories, showing pics on phones and discussing life.  It was good.  Real good.

In comparison, my day was probably better than yours.



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