Common ?

Probably the most commonly asked question that I get really doesn’t have much to do with goats?

“So, how much longer you teaching ag?”


Valid question.  Honest answer–I do not know.  Truly don’t.


I could walk away tomorrow.  I have fulfilled any and all obligations that I ever had to anybody.  I signed on for 1 year in 2014 because it was my alma-mater and my son was going to be in the program and my wife gave the OKAY for one year.   And let’s be real, I might have wanted a shot at redemption.  Now, WE are finishing year 6.


Now, as I watch this senior class of 2020 get recognized, I realize that there are worse jobs.  Shattuck just had 9, yes NINE, seniors recognized as State FFA Degree recipients tonight in the virtual OK State FFA Awards deal.  Shattuck is a small school.  8 Man football small. That is one helluva senior class, especially when you realize that there are 3 other seniors that won divisions @ Tulsa, State Fair of OK, Woodward District & OYE ag mechanics contests and another senior that was on a state qualifying Opening Ceremonies team.  I’m not bragging on me but the kids. Shattuck is loaded!!!!

A school system that supports the kids AND the teachers.  They even celebrate the support staff.  (Trust me on this AWESOME point–between the chief cleaning lady, the maintenance man and the 4 decades+ bus driver duo–we all work together for the good of Shattuck).  The admin tries and wants to do right by all.  The coaches, the choir and the ag dept. all get along.  And trust me, there are some serious Type A (hole) personalities involved.  I would be exhibit A.  Although there are exhibits A+.  But it all works.

Truly, I’m not bragging.  But I will brag on the parental help, the school and holy jeeminy we’ve got kids that are wanting to work.  We are stacked with good.  I’m just answering a repeated question.  As long as I am having fun, kids that want to work, do well and not dealing with a bunch of unnecessary BS……then I’m good for a while.  It doesn’t hurt that I have a co-teacher that loves the kids.  And, it never hurts to have a Dragon Lady at your side.  That one is better than most, if not all, paid ag teachers.

My buddy Frazier has passed 40+ years teaching.  He has said for a long time “I get paid to do this!”   I’m at the point that I think that he & I need to sit down, eat a Texas Hot spicy burrito and discuss this mantra.  “I get it!”  However, if there is money being pushed across a table, I would take the over on Frazier ( no matter what the over is, he will do it till he dies.)  Take the under on my dumb ass.

And yes, it’s hard being a former goat jock and now being an ag teacher.  Especially, if you don’t have a kid involved.  I’m just saying, it is hard to justify a $2,500 wether.  ( Wait, what?  that’s cheap!!  I know, I know.) But, in the REAL world, it gets a bit hard.


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.   One day closer.


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