Colors and stuff

Colors are important in the day2day life of most people.  I like orange and black.  It doesn’t make me buy more of something but I do like the colors.

I also like green.  Actually, I really like the green color of 100 dollar bills.  I also like green grass, green tractors and such.  There is a reason that John Deere stuff is worth more.

I like the colors pink, black, blue and OH, I really like purple.  That is a pretty color.  There are a lot of professionals that wear bright purple–Russell Westbrook, some pit bosses, a couple of pimps and of course Willy Wonka.

Although I do like purple (grape jelly is my fave), I don’t want many of my foods to be purple.  But on Easter Sunday, I ate some purple food.  Eggplant–NO.  My parents had the dangdest spread of food–oh, it was magnificent!  I dang neart foundered on deviled eggs BEFORE the meal.  Then there was PRIME rib, twice baked taters, green beans, some frog eye salad, lettuce salad with home-made ranch.  People, I did not even eat bread. But, I did eat some cauliflower.  I had not eaten cauliflower since the late 80s.  I didn’t care for it then.  But this was different.  This stuff was purple.  The heads were dang sure purple.  The stalk looked like it had been dipped in purple.

So, I stepped out of my comfort zone, grabbed a piece, dipped it in the home-made ranch…..and…..guess what?  That purple crap tasted just like the white stuff back in the 80s.  Chalky, crappy and thank goodness there was some ranch on it.

I hear people say that they like cauliflower.  NO! No you don’t.  You like ranch on stuff.  I hear others say that they like broccoli.  No! You like cheese ON broccoli.  I do not care what color it is… IT IS WHAT IT IS and it ain’t nothing without the toppings.  No matter the color.

I guess people are kind of the same.  I really don’t care what color people are.  They are what they are.  Good ones are good no matter what.  Although, I would like to meet some purple people.  That’d be cool.

This blog is stupid.  However, I am sure that I am a dish that needs to be served with ranch.  A lot of ranch.


Words of advice.  Always wait a few days after a rain before trimming hooves on bucks.  The moisture in the ground softens the hooves.  BELIEVE you me, this is great advice.


I said that the buck market was off.  When David Garrett can win most every TX show and his offering brings under 10K–Dudes, the market is off.   Except, of course, if somebody has that magical bad ass.  Unicorns will bring a pile.  That, and Pfeiffer doe kids.  There is obviously still a market for kick ass doe kids.

Heva a godo one and a bteter tmorrow!

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